3 Signs You Need A Better Utility And Excavating Contractor

Whether you need to excavate in your property to install utilities or install your utilities in an already excavated hole, it can be difficult doing both by yourself. Without hiring a professional utility and excavating contractor, the chances of you running into unknown and complicated problems become significantly high. That’s why hiring a professional agency that can excavate holes and install all your utilities for you is a preferable choice according to many home experts.

According to Kinetic Industry, hiring the services of a utility and excavating contractor is bound to benefit your property in one way or the other. If you do hire utility and excavating contractors, however, you need to ensure several factors so that you get a quality service from them. Not doing so can have you on the receiving end of a bad service that costs unreasonably more than it should.

No homeowner wants to go through this. But the thing is, the average individual is no expert when it comes to identifying which utility and excavating contractor is bad and which isn’t. We can’t rely on our guts on this one because the field is really technical. That’s why, to aid you in your excavation and utility installation operations, we are here with a list of several signs that you need better contractors. Read this article to the end to identify the signs and hire the best service for yourself.

1. They still use outdated technology


One of the biggest no-no signs you should look out for when you hire a utility and excavating contractor is outdated technology. If they look like they are using technology that belonged to the stone age, it means their services would be of similar quality too. It might be hard to figure out if their technology is new or not to an untrained eye, which most of us common people have.

Thus, the best way of knowing it is by asking them yourself before they even start servicing. Ask them about the type of excavation they do, what equipment do they use, and if they wear proper safety gear. Do your research before asking this so you can tell the difference if they are using old or new equipment.

For example, many modern excavating contractors use trenchers and hydrovac technology for excavating. These technologies are designed to make the whole experience seamless and straightforward both for the client and the agency providing it. If they use cranes that are too small for excavation, or if you see uncertainty or recklessness in the usage of their equipment, then you have hired amateur contractors.

In such a case, finding a better alternative contractor as soon as possible would be in your best interest. Contractors that use new technology are well equipped with resources for handling any type of terrain and soil. They can install your utilities quickly without any delay too, because of the efficiency of their technologies.

2. The contractors you hired don’t have insurance with them


No human is free of mistakes and that applies to utility and excavating contractors too. As the popular saying goes, ‘to err is human’ and the same goes for the contractors you hire. However, that does not mean that they can be careless in their excavation and utility installation. Receiving property damage from heavy equipment machines like a bobcat can severely damage your house or your landscape.

Your home insurance does not cover these types of damage as you incurred them while improving your property. Thus, you rely on your contractors to refund the damage for you. In this scenario, it is easy to differentiate between an unprofessional and amateur contractor and a professional one. An unprofessional contractor would not only try to deny their damage by making one excuse or the other, but they will also deny any form of reimbursement for your loss.

A professional contractor, on the other hand, will take full responsibility for the damage as well as for the recompensation. They can do this because they have damage insurance backing them. Whatever loss you might face, like repairing a pre-existing utility line or having to repair your house for roof or wall damage, a professional contracting agency will reimburse it for you.

While most professional agencies would try their best to avoid damaging your landscape and home in the first place, it is a good assurance to have when you know your contractors have some sort of insurance with them in case things go wrong.

3. They have a lack of experience and professional equipment


There are tons of contractors and agencies out there that lack proper excavation and utility installation knowledge. This isn’t because they have a lack of fundamental basics of utility installation and excavation services, but rather the experience of doing so. If you have an extensive property, the services you hire should be experienced and well-trained.

Doing a background check and seeing their reviews can easily tell you of their experience and how their service really is. Contractors with inexperienced practices, in reality, can tell you that you need better contractors as well. These practices include not wearing proper safety gear and equipment. A bare minimum of safety helmet, safety pants, and protective goggles should be worn by the utility and excavating contractors you hire.

More importantly, they should use the right equipment for the respective job. For example, if they don’t use a bobcat for excavation or a professional crane when installing your utility lines, their lack of experience becomes stark. While there is nothing wrong with inexperienced contractors (after all, we all start somewhere), if they promise the most professional services at hefty charges, then they are ripping you off.

New contractors should charge way less than experienced and professional contractors. Having a well-experienced utility and excavating contractor agency working at your property has a lot of benefits. Primary of the benefit is experienced contractors know what they are doing and how to do it perfectly. They not only advise you but also recommend plans and different approaches for their service as per your preference.


There are various signs that your property needs a better contractor for excavation and utility installation services. Understanding these signs and acting on them is your responsibility entirely. We hope this article helped you identify these signs and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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