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10 Top US Cities That Have Emerged As Tech Hubs

People move from one place to another to find the best job. When such an opportunity is offered to a tech expert, Silicon Valley is a unanimous answer. Sadly, not every tech expert may find this option very easy and feasible. If you ate tech enthusiasts who deal with algorithms, data, and codes every day and night, you will be excited to know that there are many options beyond Silicon Valley that are very much feasible.

Moving companies that work with Pricing Van Lines, a platform offering moving service assistance to a range of customers, explain that a lot of cities in America have emerged as tech-friendly places to relocate. Better put, these cities are the new tech hub in the USA. The flourishing tech communities, great startup companies, software development companies, and top-notch universities make these cities much desirable for tech aficionados.
Let’s have a quick look at the top 10 tech cities in the USA:

Raleigh, North Carolina:

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Raleigh has emerged as the most desirable tech city in the USA. The capital city of North Carolina, Raleigh is a proud part of the research triangle. North Carolina State is known for its inclination towards technology and more than 23% of the students from the state choose to pursue one or another type of engineering as a career option. Besides being the home to some world-class tech schools and universities, Raleigh is also the base of tech companies such as LuLu, Citrix ShareFile, and Cree Inc.

Cambridge, Massachusetts:

Home to the two most prestigious universities in the world, Harvard and MIT, Cambridge is the ideal tech city for many tech experts. The city has great job opportunities in the field of biotech with Biogen, Novartis, Genzyme, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals being the prominent players. Moreover, the city has Draper Laboratory and the Broad Institute organizations that offer great grounds to pursue tech researches.


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Famous for a range of reasons, the great city of Seattle has promising opportunities for the tech geeks. The city offers lucrative job options with the average salary for tech experts ranging as high as $105,059. The most reputed tech companies in the world have their base in Seattle. Some prominent tech giants in Seattle include Microsoft, Amazon, Tableau and Smartsheet, Zillow, and Redfin. There are plenty of other companies that have earned accolades for their work in the field of cyber-security, business operations, IoT development, and gaming.

San Diego

San Diego was the one American city that hosted the three-year testing program of commercial drones. The study is directed towards making commercial drones more usable and apt for real-world environments. You will have to thanks San Diego when you get a food delivery executed by a drone. Qualcomm is an international giant that hails from San Diego. The city also has more than 170tech business startups under the EvoNexus incubator.
Whether you want to incept your own tech company or secure a job in a tech giant business, Minneapolis is the answer to all your tech-related plans. The city has been voted time and again as the best city for a business startup in the USA. It has promising prospects and the average salary of tech experts in Minneapolis is $103,271. If you have a solid idea and enough resources, Minneapolis serves as the best grounds to kick start your business today.

Dallas, Texas:

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Dallas has already made its great presence in several industries vertical and it is progressively establishing itself in the technology field. Forbes rated Dallas as one of the most promising cities because it has a lower cost of living and a great job creation rate. There is a high demand for Software development Engineers and Java Developers in Dallas and if you have the right skill set, Dallas is calling you. Dallas also offers a promise of 10% increase in IT jobs in the next 5 years.

Atlanta, Georgia

Better known as “Atlanta Tech Village”, Atlanta sits proudly amid the top 5 largest tech hubs of the United States of America. Besides having great opportunities for tech-savvy people, Atlanta also has great entrepreneurship grounds, which is a great combination for business. The city has abundance of labor, low cost resources, and a great business requirement which allows Atlanta to be the crown bearer of tech cities. The core fields that offer promising options include Software Development, Java Development, and Data Analysis.

Denver, Colorado

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Denver is known for its tech opportunities for a long time. The Denver Tech Center was incepted in 1970 and since then it has been a key attraction for a number of tech companies. It is projected that the growth rate in Denver is 11% in the next five years which is quite impressive. Software development and engineers are the key attraction jobs in Denver and the annual income of an IT expert is calculated to be $97,719.

Huntsville, Alabama:

Huntsville is known as the Rocket City of America as it is the base to some of the most reputed aviation giants including NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, US Space, and Rocket Center, and Army’s Aviation and Missile Command Center. The tech startups are very promising as well as a great investment option. In the next 5 years, the tech jobs in the city are expected to grow by 6%.

Charlotte, North Carolina:

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The etch scene in Carolina is pretty furnishing. The city is better known as a tech magnet as it has great attractions to offer to emerge tech enthusiasts and businesses. A typical IT job in the city can earn an annual median income of $91,617. Developers, software engineers, and data analysts are the jobs in high demand in Charlotte. By 2024, the tech industry in the city is expected to grow by 9%.

If you want to establish as a tech business or want to secure a respectable and lucrative job in the IT sector, these are the promising American cities that you must head to and explore your opportunities.

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