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Ups and Downs of Being a Celebrity – Is it Really Worth it All?

As regular people, we often say, “Will it be awesome to be a celebrity?” Having your face recognized everywhere you go and have lots of many sure makes it attractive to be famous. We sometimes look upon these celebrities as gods among men and beings which transcend reality. We don’t see them as mere mortals but somebody higher than us.

But is it all worth it? Are these people really happy the way they seem to be?

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The answer is ambiguous! There are lots of examples that say that being a celebrity is not as cracked out as it seems to be. There are many examples of famous people not being able to take the burden of their fame. Many of them are prone to addiction and alcohol abuse — others start having mental issues that lead them to a dark path in life. As you may learn from, a lot of celebrities needed to fight their inner demons, and it was only through sheer strength and will power that they were able to overcome them.

Luckily, there is the other side as well. A lot of famous people are born to be famous. A lot of them see the glee that surrounds them as something they were born with. For them, it works the other way around. For them, not being famous would be a crucial and devastating blow that they might take. These people are handling the cross of fame much easier and carry it not as a burden but rather as a crown.

The Stigma Behind Being Famous

For a long time, regular people have viewed celebrities as God-like creatures. The air that surrounds them has been so mesmerizing that there was no way for way to think otherwise. But when you start learning that those celebrities are people as well and that they suffer from all ailments and problems that regular people do, you then realize that they are human after all.

When it first happened, it was baffling, but now we see many examples of celebrities suffering from all kinds of problems and disorders.

Many of it comes from becoming famous at a young age. Kid celebrities have it the worse as they don’t develop as individuals and can’t handle the burden of fame at such a young age. Some of the examples include the teenage pop star Britney Spears and kid-actor Macaulay Culkin. Both of them started their careers, and both of them ventured on a dark path when they got older. They suffered from drug and alcohol addiction and eventually managed to throw away their careers.

But there is the other more tragic side of the coin

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You may have noticed an increasing number of celebrity deaths in recent years. Many of our favorite singers and actors left us too early. Stars like David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, Stan Lee, and many others have left this world peacefully and lived their lives the way they wanted it.

Some of them had no such luck. Depression and mental issues often get the better of us, and famous people are not immune to them. Rock stars like Chester Bennington, Chriss Cornel, and Keith Flint all committed suicide. The crushing weight of being popular leads to addiction, which in turn turns into depression. If not treated properly, this is how it eventually results in.

The Perks of Being A Celebrity

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Being a celebrity does not come without its perks. Mind you, there are many, and all of them are attractive and are something that all regular people would wish to have.

One of the essential benefits is having lots of money. As human beings, we all strive towards a higher goal, and it often comes with earning more money. Having a celebrity status allows you to earn a bunch of it, which comes with various opportunities that stardom also provides you.

Celebrities also get special treatment everywhere they go. They are welcomed and celebrated wherever they appear. This is good for a person that has a huge ego, or it can enable you to develop one. Special treatment also involves being able to get out of a few tight spots as the law does not work the same for you if you are famous.

Another great thing is having a lot of supporters. Everyone likes being loved, and if you have thousands of people following you, it makes a difference.

Being Famous Comes with its Flaws

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We already talked about what the burden of being famous can cause. But there are other things which will make a sane person go mad. There are things that every celebrity has to face and carry it.

Being recognized everywhere, you go also means having a lot of paparazzi around you all the time. Many of them are reporting your every move and are waiting for the opportunity for you to slip up. Besides reporters, there is a never-ending wave of fans who also want to talk to you, take a picture with you, or simply touch you. Having no privacy can be really annoying.

A much worse thing is hearing a lot of rumors about you that are simply not true. If reporters cannot get an exclusive story or a photo of you, they easily make one up. This causes a lot of confusion among fans and affects your public personality but also your private life.

Probably the most dangerous thing is stalkers. Stalkers can be fans that are really obsessed with you who want to steal a personal item or just talk to you. But it can be more dangerous than that as some celebrities were killed by their stalkers. Probably the first and most famous incident of such was the death of John Lennon, the Beatles star, who was gunned down by his assailant who was also a fan.


Being famous is both a gift and a curse. You have to be a special someone in order to bear the weight of being famous. Stability in life and balancing everything is important. One can’t venture on one side too much, or else it might swallow them. You may end up losing your identity and ending without the thing that made you famous, or you may end up losing your life. All in all, try understanding celebrities more, they are human beings like you and me after all.

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