Top 5 Undiscovered Places to Visit in the Balkans In 2024

At the beginning of this year, we all had an agreement with ourselves, and that is that this year will be better and different from the previous year. It was an agreement and a promise that 2024 will be full of many joys, smiles, happiness, and many trips, which will give it a different dimension of the year. If we had to choose something to characterize this year, it would be trips to new destinations that we have never visited before, and we would like to visit. Traveling is a beautiful thing, it is an act of getting to know the beauties of different locations, cultures, and peoples, so to make this year unique in that.

Since travel will be the focus of 2024, it is necessary to make a nice plan of where you could go on a nice vacation and sightseeing of beautiful locations. You need to make a list of the places you will visit, but make sure this list is unique and has different places to visit. So make a combination of places that you will visit and insert all parts of the world, and as a special area that this time you should have in mind, we would point out the Balkans. There is a lot to see in this part of Europe, and that is why we suggest it to you.

The Balkan Peninsula or the Balkans is the southeastern part of Europe. In this section, it can be said that there are a number of different cultures and peoples that are so similar to each other, but still different in many ways. In this part of the world, there are many interesting historical sites, natural beauties, but also tourist centers that are worth visiting. Given that we know how much you can like the Balkan Peninsula, today we decided to focus on this part of Europe and suggest a few places you could visit. Today we have prepared interesting proposals for undiscovered places to visit in the Balkans in 2024 which we believe will remain in your memories. Who are they? We find out below.

1. Plitvice Lakes in Croatia


If Croatia has anything to be proud of then these are the tourist places that adorn this Adriatic country. One of those places is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is under the protection of UNESCO as a unique place and natural beauty that should adorn the world. The beautiful natural landscape for walks and enjoyment, but also a wonderful tourist place for which a large number of tours are organized, and you can find out about some of them at This is the choice of a large number of tourists, there are usually a larger number of tourists during the spring and summer, and we believe that this untouched natural beauty should be your choice for 2024.

2. Church of St. John Kaneo in Ohrid, North Macedonia


If you are a fan of beautiful and untouched historical sites, then North Macedonia has something to offer. In the proposals, we bring you another beautiful place which is located in one of the most beautiful cities in North Macedonia, Ohrid. Ohrid is proud of one of the most beautiful and oldest churches that has survived all the wars that were fought in the Balkans. It is about the church of St. John Kaneo which dates from the period before the 14th century. This church is located high on a rock, the terrain is accessible to it and abounds in stone, but also with lots of greenery. There are a number of benches and shadows around the church which are especially important during the summer days when this place is most visited. It is good to emphasize that Ohrid is also protected by UNESCO, and this church is also included in the protection.

3. Mount Durmitor in Montenegro


If you are a fan of natural landscapes we bring you another pearl from the Balkans, and that is Mount Durmitor which is located in the heart of Montenegro. This Mediterranean country has a lot to be proud of, and one of those things is the rocky mountain Durmitor. Durmitor is the choice for almost all people from Montenegro and the Balkans who want to hike but in rocky parts. It is especially visited during the spring and autumn when the temperatures are lower because it is too hot there. It offers wonderful views that take your breath away, and we believe that it will evoke wonderful memories that will be forever in your memories.

4. Bled Lake in Slovenia


Another beautiful undiscovered location comes to us from the Balkans, but this time from beautiful Slovenia. Wondering what part of Slovenia we are talking about? It is about Lake Bled, the pearl of the Balkans. This lake is a glacial lake and is located only 55 km from the capital Ljubljana. It is a place that has been mentioned many times in history, but also a place that according to its beauty has been mentioned many times worldwide, and because of that it is too visited. It is best to visit during the summer when the temperatures range from 20 to 26 degrees, but it is good to visit then because of the green environment and the beautiful turquoise color of the lake.

5. Djavolja Varosh (Devils Town), Serbia


A unique and undiscovered location comes to us from Serbia. It is about the place Djavolja Varosh or better known as Devils Town. This is a place that is rocky and is characterized by the fact that there are a large number of stone figures that are the work of nature. It is visited by a large number of tourists throughout the year, captivates with the beauty of the figures that are the work of nature, and is a truly unique location that is worth visiting this year.

In front of you are 5 undiscovered locations from the Balkans that are really of great value to visit. If you want nature, you want history, you want beauty – the Balkans offer it to you. From the suggestions, choose a location, pack your bags and see you in the Balkans – a place with beautiful undiscovered landscapes, wonderful food, and warm people.

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