Understanding How Phone Validators Work

Without phone validators, many companies would be spending too much time and money on their marketing campaigns. That’s why these programs are becoming more and more popular all over the world. You can hardly find a business owner, who hasn’t heard about contact information validation.

Are you wondering if a phone validator is a right choice for your company? This article can help you make a decision. We’ll talk about the way phone validators work and how they can benefit your business.

What Is a Phone Validator?

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Imagine you have a list of phone numbers, which you received when your clients left their contact information on your website or when filling out forms in your store. The list may be large or small.

You use it to make promotional phone calls, ensure customer satisfaction, send out useful messages, and the like. Great resource, isn’t it?

Now imagine that 10% of the numbers on the list are wrong. How will it affect your efforts? Out of 100 calls, only 90 reach the recipient. Which means 10% of your marketing efforts disappear in vain.

What can you do?

You can make sure your marketing team has a clean phone list. This can be achieved by using a phone validator. The software checks your phone number list and points your attention to invalid information.

How Does a Phone Validator Work?

You’ve invested in a phone validator. What happens now? Does the program make calls to your clients to find out if they are still available and happy to talk to you?

If you would check the validity of the phone number list on your own, you would have to do just that. Such checking would involve bothering people with unnecessary calls while botching your reputation.

Meanwhile, the phone validator manages to do the same thing “silently”. How does it do it?

The program checks the phone number on your list against several databases to find out if it’s valid. Meanwhile, the program looks for typos and format errors.

Clients often make silly mistakes when typing their contact information. According to phone number validation experts at from Byteplant, real-time validating can ensure such errors are never made.

The program would check the format of the phone number while the person is typing it and refuse to accept the wrong information. The client won’t be able to continue filling the form until the format is fixed.

The best part about the way a phone validator works is that it never makes an actual call to your clients. It pings the number to figure out if it can receive calls and text messages. So you don’t have to worry about bothering anyone.

How Can a Phone Validator Help My Business?

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The importance of a clean phone number list is hard to underestimate. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from using a phone validation program.

1. Cost Saving

Let’s go back to our example. With ten wrong phone numbers on a 100-number list, you get fewer conversions. Meanwhile, the time your workers spend on calling those ten wrong numbers is lost. Accordingly, your marketing team achieves worse results by wasting time and money on non-existent numbers.

A phone validator can fix this problem by removing incorrect numbers from the list.

2. Reputation

Calling clients manually to figure out if the number is correct can be downright annoying. Meanwhile, calling wrong numbers and reaching people, who have never shared their contact information with you, is even worse.

All of the above could hinder your reputation and get your phone number blacklisted. Text message spam is illegal in many countries. You could end up being a spammer without even knowing about it.

3. Clear Analysis

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When you analyze the work of your marketing team, you have to have the correct information. For example, the team made 100 calls and achieved only 40 conversions. You think that your team is providing a 40% conversion rate. Now imagine that 20 numbers out of the 100 you have are wrong. So the actual number of real calls the team made was 80. And the conversion rate is 50% instead of 40%.

Can you see how the data has changed? A phone validator can help you perform a clear analysis of the way your marketing team works.

4. Customer Retention

Maintaining a good relationship with your clients is vital to the success of the company. Can you do it without the correct contact information? If you have the wrong numbers on your contact list, you can’t reach your existing customers to offer new deals.

5. Increased Revenue

The better your marketing team works, the more conversions you can enjoy. This is only possible if the phone number list is valid. By reaching all existing and potential clients by phone or text messaging, you can increase your revenue substantially.

Final Thoughts

Phone number validators are highly important to the success of any marketing effort. That’s why any business owner should consider using them. If a simple program can increase your revenue, why not take advantage of it?


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