6 Different Types Of Coffee Mugs And Tips For Choosing

If you love having coffee every morning, then you must be having different types of coffee mugs at your home. Most of them are made up of glass and ceramic. But do you know there are numerous other options? In this article, we will be sharing different types of coffee mugs for you to choose from. We have also shared some tips that can help you in choosing the best cup for having your favorite beverage.

1. Glass Mugs

It is the most common type of cup and everyone has a great experience with them. Whether you pour your coffee in it or tea, you will be able to see it all as the glass is transparent. The best thing about glass cups is that they don’t stain, which means you do not have to spend a lot of energy and time cleaning them.

Glass isn’t a heat-conducting material. Therefore, your beverage will not stay hot for a long time. So, if you are a slow drinker, you should consider getting cups that have two layers of glasses. Also, glass is a fragile material. It will break easily. So, you need to be careful while using glass cups.

2. Travel Mug


Many people like to enjoy their coffee while traveling and for that purpose only, the travel mugs are created. They are designed in such a way that the drink stays hot and doesn’t get spilled during the trip. They are usually made up of a blend of different materials such as ceramic, plastic, steels, and different alloys. These cups look similar to the thermos flasks. The cap or the lid on the top of it is spill-proof. They will help you keep your beverage warm for a long time. If you also wish to get such idea mugs for traveling, check on this website.

3. Ceramic Cups

Another common material that is used to make cups is ceramic. Most people have a collection of ceramic cups in their kitchen. They usually come in different designs, so you can choose the one according to your taste or preference. These cups have a great life span.

The best part about them is that they are dishwasher and microwave friendly. Ceramic is an insulating material, which implies that your beverage is going to stay warm for a long time. The only drawback of ceramic cups is that they easily get stains. Also, they are much heavier than other cups.

4. Classic Mugs


These coffee mugs became popular because the Europeans during the era of the industrial revolution. These cups have great capacity and can hold up to 230 ml of beverage. The most common materials that are used to make these classic cups include porcelain, glass, and ceramic. Most of them have similar designs and sizes. The best part about them is their handle which offers a good grip. You can either use them in your office or at home.

5. Tumblers

Another type of coffee mug that we have on this list is a tumbler. It has both the qualities of a travel and classic mug. It is large in size and comes with a lip just like the travel cups. They might not fit into your car’s cup holders because they are wider. You will find tumblers in numerous different sizes. Most of them have the capacity to hold up to 20 ounces. The best part about the tumblers is that they are usually made up of steel, which is an insulating material and keeps your coffee hot for long.

6. Wooden Mugs

These were the first coffee mugs that were carved out by ancient people. But these days, they are not very famous. However, you can still find them in the market. Nowadays, they are mainly used for medicinal purposes only. They are used to drink medicinal or herbal drinks.

Tips For Selecting The Best Coffee Mug


Pick The Right Size And Height

You can find coffee mugs available in different sizes and shapes. The average size of a coffee cup is 12 ounces. They are generally used in cafes and restaurants. But, on average, an individual requires 8-10 ounces of coffee, which means you can even consider getting a smaller cup. Smaller mugs are ideal for use at home and offices as they can be easily refilled as per your requirement. But if you like to have your coffee in one go, you can get a bigger-sized mug.

Choose The Right Material

While selecting the best coffee mug, it is essential to keep in mind the material from which it is made. Every material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Generally, these cups are made up of metal, glass, and ceramic. If you are looking for something inexpensive, then you can go for ceramic. But remember that they get cracks easily. Stainless steel cups are a great option for people who like to have their beverages while traveling. It helps in keeping the coffee warm for longer.


Additional Features

The main purpose of the coffee cup is to hold the beverage but many people like to have some extra features in it. Modern mugs come with additional features such as temperature control that can help you set the temperature as per your need. You can also customize these mugs according to your preference. Getting a lid and additional handles are examples of customization.

To Sum Up

Do you enjoy collecting different types of coffee mugs? If yes, then you should first gain knowledge about the different types of mugs available in the market. The most common types of coffee cups include ceramic, glass, and stainless steel mugs. You can choose the one that suits your requirements. If you like to have your beverage while traveling, then we will suggest you to get travel mugs. Check out the tips given above to know how you can get the best coffee mug for yourself.

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