Is It Possible to Track Someone’s Mobile Phone Without a SIM Card?

Losing your mobile is a painful experience for everyone. Some smartphones are quite expensive, so you must have spend thousands on them. But accidentally, when you lose them, you lose all your invested money.

A risk of leaking data is there from your mobile if it gets into someone else’s hands. Tracking the lost device is pretty necessary to protect your data and save your money. Many people know a common method of finding and tracking their mobile phone, i.e., using your mobile number.

But what if you do not have the SIM card on your mobile or the thief throws the SIM out. You may not know the ways to find your smartphone in such a situation. In the following write-up, we will discuss whether one can find and track a mobile without any SIM.

Can One Track Mobile Without SIM?


Yes, it is quite possible to search your mobile even if there is no SIM. There are plenty of methods that you can try without or with an active internet connection. Many methods are available in iPhone as well as Android phones.

Before you opt for any method, you need to know the concept of tracking. This is the way through which one can determine the geographical location of the device by checking out its recent activities. There are three main ways to get the device, i.e., GPS, connection with apps or devices, and mobile data. You can use the GPS method only when your mobile is properly connected to the internet.

With the help of your SIM, one can determine when the mobile is well-connected to any Wi-Fi or cellular network. Learn more to track your mobile. But if anyone removes the SIM from your mobile, then you have to put in additional effort to find your device.

Methods of Tracking Mobile Phones Without Any SIM


1. Use Web-based Services

In Android and iPhone, one can operate the device manager setting to search and start tracking the device. Instead of linking to any mobile network, it starts leveraging the GPS connection to the active internet. Even if there is no subscriber card on your smartphone, you can easily search the device.

One can see a perfect map where you can observe the exact device location. If someone’s one is stolen, you can find it by using the web services, but the person must set up the Device Manager settings.

2. Use Media Applications

Many social media applications ask for the GPS location, and many people activate it too. With the help of these media apps, one can track someone’s phone easily. Due to GPS coordination, people can get ads on these platforms. Whenever you post anything, the application geotags the location you mentioned.

You can get the mobile’s location when it was last connected to the internet. You can get the last login location and find your device at that place. Such an amazing feature is easily available on Snapchat. It is easy to access the map in your browser. One can easily find the stolen phone with the help of Snapchat from the internet browser and signing into one’s account.

3. Operate IMEI Number


Every mobile phone has an IMEI number, and one can track their smartphone by using this number. Like your car has a plate number, your phone has IMEI. With the help of a service network operator, it is easy to track a smartphone.

The network operator makes the identification by using a cell tower every time your mobile is connected properly with the network tower. You need to go to General Settings and then the About section on your mobile. You can search the IMEI number there, and you need to note the number and keep it safe.

4. Operate Gmail

It is the perfect application for tracking someone’s phone. It keeps track of the location from where the user does the last login by his device. When the user login through his device last time, you can get the location. You need to open your Gmail and open the Security option.

After that, you must select the option of Your Devices and determine the last location when logged in. Nowadays, everyone uses Google-based services, and it is quite easy to find the last device location.

5. Use Cloud Services

If someone uses cloud-based applications like Dropbox, you can easily track the lost phone’s location. You have to check the last login details and get the user’s location. You must open the Security Settings in the Dropbox account.

After login in successfully, you can get details of the location when the user synced his device. There is no need for a SIM card when you opt for these tracking methods. Everyone uses cloud-based services for storing and managing data. Therefore, there are better possibilities of getting the lost phone’s location.

6. Use Phone Tracking Applications


Plenty of phone tracking applications can help you in getting the lost phone without any SIM. Make sure that you download the application and activate it. If your device is no longer with you, grab another device and use the available applications for tracking the lost phone.

You can help someone with such applications on their phones. Such applications are paid for, and you can download them on the mobiles of your friends and family to stay safe.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to track someone’s mobile phone without any SIM on his device. Even if you have an iPhone or Android, you can easily operate the mentioned ways to find the device. Ensure that you go through the process and do the following methods to search and track your device easily. It is disappointing to lose all your money when someone steals your mobile.

Therefore, it is important to take care of security measures once you buy a new mobile. If you want to track the device of your loved one, these methods are quite effective in finding them and keeping them safe. You must know how to execute these techniques and find your phone easily.

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