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Tourist Guide for Oman – What to Visit in 2024

Traveling is one of the best forms of relaxation, and if you are a person who loves to explore new places, this article will be very useful to you.
There are many countries and cities that we should visit in our lifetime, but if you are new in traveling, chances are that you don’t know where to start. The truth is, some places get more fame and reputation for being beautiful tourist attractions, and some are pretty unknown but have the same things to offer, if not even more.
Oman is one of those places, and it’s not a very famous country, but it sure has a lot of cool things to offer. Located in the Middle East, in the last couple of years this country started getting some attention from travelers, and agencies quickly realized this so today there are tons of tours for this place that you can book immediately.
If you are not very familiar with Oman, and you know nothing about it, reading this article until the end will help you learn some pretty interesting things. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

What makes Oman so special?

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Oman is a country that has a very rich culture and some interesting traditions, unlike anything that you’ve seen before. It’s a peaceful place with friendly locals and it offers so much when it comes to exploring and learning.
Whether it’s the deserts that you want to see or the small fishing towns, there are so many things that will leave you breathless and thinking about booking another tour in this magnificent kingdom.

Before heading there you need to do this

A few years ago, if you are from Europe, Canada, America or Australia, you need to obtain an e-visa before visiting the country. Although this isn’t something that’s going to take a lot of your time, or money, since the process is very fast and cheap, you still need to take care of it before arriving at the airport. Visitors from Dubai and Qatar can skip this step. For more information on how to complete this process without any complications, feel free to visit here.

How safe is this country?

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Most people think that visiting a place such as Oman is not very safe, but that is completely false. Due to all the issues that were happening many years ago, the government of this country made sure to increase security and police on all public and important places such as airports and malls, so yes, visiting here is absolutely safe and there’s nothing that you need to worry about.

How developed is Oman?

We all know that this country is very rich with oil, which is one of the most-requested and valuable resources that people need these days. Because of this, Oman is a country that developed really well and has sophisticated shopping centers, airports, tourist locations and tons of other things that you as a visitor would be interested in seeing. No, you’re not going to end up in a desert country where people have no internet access or smartphones. You’d be surprised by how advanced this place is.

When should I visit?

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For some reason, most of the travelers that are interested in paying a visit to this beautiful country are considering to do it during the summer-time. However, that’s not the smartest decision to make, and here’s why.
As we already mentioned, the temperatures in Oman, especially in the desert areas can reach unbelievably high numbers and they can become quite unbearable really quickly, making your entire experience a bit worse than what you’ve expected.
Because of this, it’s recommended that you visit during winter, but that’s not really going to be winter as you expect it to be. During October until February, the temperatures there will still be more than 25 degrees Celsius, so you’re basically visiting during summer, except it’s a more bearable summer. In April to September, the temperatures can reach 45 Celsius, and you can easily get sunburned, so avoid visiting during these months.

How to choose the best accommodation

If you already made up your mind and you are going to visit Oman anytime soon, you are probably wondering what hotel to choose. There are many famous places that have a very high star rating on websites such as TripAdvisor, but we guarantee that almost any place that you’re going to choose will be more than enough to ensure your comfort for the next couple of days.
One of our recommendations is Ascott Somerset Panorama, which is located in the capital city of Muscat. This is a well-known place that has a very good reputation for service and comfort, but unfortunately, it is not the cheapest one that you’ll find in the city. It’s a high-end hotel after all, so if you are traveling on a budget you might want to consider another place.

Visiting a desert camp

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If you are up for an adventure unlike anything you’ve ever felt before, you can visit the Bidiya Desert Camp and also choose that place as your choice for spending the night. Sleeping in a desert is something that will remain memorable for the rest of your life, and this camp has a lot to offer with the rooms being made out of concrete and with some very comfortable beds. Every room is equipped with air conditioning and proper lightning that will guarantee you have a great stay.


In conclusion, Oman has a lot of things to offer, and in order to experience some of them, you need to be a person that’s into adventures.
The trip here will be pretty different compared to your previous ones, but you will see some very interesting things and meet interesting people as well. If you are into learning more about the culture of Oman, your tourist guide will make sure that you get informed about everything that you want to know.
Make sure to dress accordingly depending on the season in which you’re going to visit, and remember to stay safe and have tons of fun. Don’t forget about the electronic visa process as well.

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