10 Uncommon Tools you Should Carry in Your Car – 2024 Guide

Having your car is a great convenience. It is always so much joy and liberating to travel in your car, especially with friends or family. However, such rides can quickly turn into a nightmare and leave you helpless in the middle of nowhere. Often such incidents are a result of some minor problem that can be resolved with the help of the right kind of tools. Keeping some basic tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, etc from sydneytools.com.au can help you can be a boon for you.

While most car owners keep a certain set of tools on every car trip, some tools are not that common. However, these tools can also be a blessing in case you are stranded in the middle of the road with no help. With them, you will be able to either resolve the problem by yourself or reach the nearest help without much struggle. Here is a list of such unusual tools that you must always keep in your car.

1. Lifehammer

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While most car failure issues are minor, some can lead to serious troubles. Many people have been in a situation where they got stuck in their car. We wish you never end up in such an unfortunate situation. However, a small life hammer can be your savor and help you break out of the car. You can use it to break the windows or cut the seat belts. In emergencies, time is critical and this tool can help you get out of the car real quick.

2. Towing straps

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This is another tool that is highly important and often overlooked. Car beak down is common and to our surprise, it often happens in the most stranded locations. In case your car fails, it becomes difficult to push it up to the far away workshop. You can ask someone for help and use these towing straps to hinge your car behind their vehicle. This can take you to the help easily and quickly and save plenty of time and frustration.

3. Jumper cables

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You often forget when did you last replace your car’s battery. It is also common to just leave the lights on while taking a break on the journey. This drains the batteries and leaves you stuck with a starting problem. You can use jumper cables and get your batteries to charge with someone’s help to reach the destination or nearest workshop for replacing the batteries.

4. Scissors and duct tape

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A good quality duct tape can fix loose or hanging fenders, benders, hoses, wires, bumpers, or anything for that matter. While the solution is temporary, it is efficient enough to get you to the closest workshop for a permanent one.

5. Tire inflator

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You almost always carry a spare tire that you can replace in case one of the running tires go flat. However, you seldom check the pressure in the spare tire that makes it unusable in critical situations. A tire inflator can help you get the pressure right in no time and get going.

6. Clamps

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The last thing you would want on a trip is to wander and find your missing car. Yes, it can happen as you can never certainly know where you will have to park. If you need to park in open, a wheel clamp can elevate your car’s security by locking your wheels and deliver peace of mind.

7. Flashlights & Extra Batteries:

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Everyone has flashlights at their homes for emergencies. However, everyone neglects to keep flashlights in their car. If you are stuck on a quiet and dark street during the night time, then a flashlight can make you feel safe. Else, you might have to rely on your mobile phone whose battery will die soon if you use the flashlight for a long time. Having a flashlight will be helpful for visibility purposes and will have your phone’s battery during an emergency. It is also suggested to keep extra pair of batteries along with a flashlight.

8. Screwdriver Set:

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If your car is an old one, it might stop all of a sudden. A place where seeking help and a mechanic is not easy, you might want to try repairing it by yourself. Having a screwdriver set will allow you to repair your car. Even if you do not know anything about repairing your car, then having a screwdriver set will allow people over there to attempt repairing your vehicle. You can have a couple of screwdrivers of different sizes. You will easily be able to open different parts of the car that are fixed using a screw.

9. A Knife:

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Different wires and parts of the car can be difficult to handle and but using our hands. A knife will always be helpful when you want to cut a wire in your car’s engine. A simple knife can be useful in a variety of ways we can not even think about! Going on a long drive all alone can be difficult and sounds dangerous. Passing from an isolated road can make you feel fearful. Having a knife will make you feel safe and peaceful. It can always be used as protection if an animal or a person attempts an attack. You can replace this knife after the blade is blunt and rusted.

10. First-Aid Kit:

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We often hear reports about people losing their lives in a road accident when they do not get instant first aid. Having a first aid kit in your car will not take much space. To prepare a first aid kit, purchase all kinds of bandaids, a bottle of disinfectant, some basic medicines, cotton, and a pair of scissors. A first aid kit will not be helpful only when you are in a medical emergency. You can take it out to help a person you saw suffering due to a road accident. One shall also learn to give proper first aid to a person to save their lives. This period before an ambulance arrives is crucial for a patient and can save their life if given proper first aid.

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