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6 Must-Have Tools and Accessories for Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is something that has been around for just over five years. But this kind of art has become very popular and even surpassed many others that have existed incomparably longer. For those who don’t know what exactly this is, it is easiest to say it is similar to paint by numbers and cross-stitch. Yet it is much simpler and faster than cross-stitch, and more attractive than paint by numbers and that is why it has gained so much popularity.

Very small, about 2 millimeter-sized diamond-like pieces are used. The two sides are not the same shape, but one is flat so that you can place it on the canvas, and the other is made to give a very nice look. Of course, these are not real diamonds, but rhinestones, crystals, or something similar, mostly made of artificial materials. If you are just starting to do diamond painting, read our text very carefully to find out what must-have tools and accessories you need to start, as well as many other things about this type of art.

Must have tools and accessories

In collaboration with Mark from, we will list for you those tools that are absolutely necessary for you to start this at all.

1. Applicator pen

Painting a pen is something you can’t even start without and that’s why it’s the most important piece of equipment. There are several different types, and each has the same purpose. The point is to use a pen to take the diamonds and stack them on the canvas. Which size you choose depends on you and the size of your hand. Do not take too small a pencil, otherwise, you will feel tired very quickly and your hand will hurt. As for the different types of pens, it again depends on what suits you best. A drill pen is something you will get with each kit and is most commonly used. You need glue or wax and that’s it. Take a diamond and put it on the canvas. There are also wax pens where you put the wax directly on the crystal, and when the wax is used up, just refill it. The pick-up pen has a wheel that takes the diamond by rolling over it. Each has its advantages, so explore each option before buying.

2. Canvas

You can’t use any canvas, but it is necessary that it be a special canvas for diamond painting. It is marked with numbers with which you will place the diamonds in the appropriate place. It will come to you rolled up, so you have to iron it first. Do this by placing it under a heavy book or similar. Also, it has a protecting foil over it, which you should not remove. Only lift the part you are currently working on, and return it as soon as you are done. When you are done, you can also frame the canvas. As for the motive, you can find a wide variety. As you can see at, you won’t have a problem finding anything, from classical art to animals. You can even choose the shape, between round and square.

3. Light pad

Light pad or also known as lightbox is a very important accessory, which will make your job much easier. As we have already said, diamonds are very small, only a few millimeters. This means that the places intended for them on the canvas are equally small. That is why it can happen that you have problems finding them and that it makes your eyes very tired. So buy a light pad. Connect it using a USB cable to your laptop and it will work as much as you need, you don’t have to think about replacing the batteries. This will help you work faster and get less tired, and your piece of art will also look even more attractive. Also, you will be much more precise, which is also important, and is especially a problem with dark parts of the painting.

4. Storage box

Because they are so tiny and you will have them in so many different colors, things can get a little messy. You will not be able to find what you are looking for or it will take you too long and that is why you should have a storage box. The box has dozens of storage compartments, in which you will be able to put every color together and then you will be able to quickly and easily find exactly what you need. This is exactly what will bring you a much more pleasant painting experience and you will be significantly faster because you will not waste time nor concentrate on searching for a suitable diamond. And so you will prevent the loss of diamonds, which also often happens.

5. Spare diamonds

Even with a storage box, you will still occasionally lose the diamond or two and then not be able to continue until you order the extra ones. That’s why you should have a certain stock of all the colors and shapes you need so that you don’t have to delay your entire work because of it. It is often the case that with a painting kit you get 20% more diamonds than you need, for that very reason. So even if you don’t need them at that very moment, you should save them for some time to come.

6. Comfy chair

Don’t overlook the importance of a comfortable chair when you are starting a diamond painting. You also need to have a suitable table, but an ergonomic chair is even more important. You will sit for a long time and if you use a dining chair instead of an ergonomic one, your spine and neck will surely hurt. To allow yourself to enjoy this for as long as possible, get one comfortable chair. Try a few, until you find the ideal one. It is important that it is adjustable in height and has armrests.


When you start to pursue this hobby, which is often used for therapeutic purposes, do not miss to get all these essential tools and accessories.


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