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Tips for Using A Wire Stripping Machine


One of the most useful tools an electrician can buy is a wire stripping machine. If you own one such machine, you need to know the right way to use it. The same case is if you decide to buy a new one. So, good advice is needed, and you’re in the right place to find something like that.

In the next article, we have prepared a short guide with some tips on how to use a wire stripping machine. If you are buying a new wire stripping machine, you can view the offer on this website. In the meantime, check out some tips for using these devices.

Tip No.1. Your Machine Should Always Be Clean

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This is a universal tip when it comes to machines. Simple, isn’t it better to work on a clean machine than on a dirty one. If you always keep your machine clean, as well as any cutting channels that can get dirty over time, it will significantly affect operation. First of all, the machine will perform better and will have superior performance all the time. In addition, a clean wire stripping machine will have a significantly longer working life if maintained properly.

Tip No.2. Always read the User Manual

It is very important that you read the user manual after purchasing the new machine, as there may be some features you didn’t know about. Also, before starting the stripping process, it is important to make sure that you have got some accessories so that the machine can support a certain type of wire or need to purchase an adapter. All in all, no matter what the device is, one of the best tips anyone can give you is to read the manual thoroughly.

Tip No.3. Get Familiar with The Features of Your Machine

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Another completely logical tip is to get acquainted with the features of your new machine or to know what kind of wire it can process and which it doesn’t. For example, most machines can strip house wire, welding, tray and rubber cable, old cloth insulation, even THNN, XHHW, XLP, Romex 1 and Romex 2. However, this doesn’t mean that all machines will support exactly a list like this. This may deviate and depends solely on the manufacturer. However, our advice is to choose a machine with a long list as this will mean versatility in operation. Of course, quality machines that support multiple cable types are more expensive.

Tip No.4. Make Sure That Machine Is on Flat Surface

When installing your new machine or moving your old one, you need to place it on a flat surface. You will achieve this by screwing the machine for your work surface or workbench positioned flat on the ground. Machines of this type have holes that are intended for attachment so that you can work safely and smoothly.

Tip No.5. Check the Location of Service and Authorized Spare Parts Dealers

The fact is that certain machine failures can occur, even though it is brand new and still in the warranty period. For this reason, the best solution is to find out where the nearest authorized service facility is. Also, if the machine is no longer in the warranty period, you must be informed of the location of authorized spare parts dealers.

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