12 Tips for Men to Build Healthy Relationships

Finding a soulmate for a relationship or starting a family is not as easy as it seems at first glance. If you follow some dating advice even at the stage of meetings, you will not only be able to continue in the future but also move to a new, more serious level of relationship.

Can completely different people build healthy relationships without stress?

Each couple is two different people who met by the will of fate. Each partner has his or her own views on life, hobbies, interests, and political and religious preferences.

But that does not mean that people cannot be together. In order to build a healthy relationship between a man and a woman, it is important not only to consider dating advice but also to adhere to certain recommendations.

12 Tips for men who want to build a happy relationship


When every man meets the woman of his dreams, he makes plans for his future with her. Relationships are not just romantic walks and vacations together. It is hard work. And only the right approach will make them strong and happy.

The man in the couple is a strong point. It depends on him, not only on the woman, how the love story will develop. Compliance with simple tips will allow the man to build a healthy relationship with the couple.

1. Learning to negotiate

The ability to negotiate is not about restricting your partner’s freedom. It is the desire to find a common language in which the couple will talk in the future. This recommendation is important, also among other dating advice.

Your partner, in most cases, views on who will go to the shower first, the distribution of responsibilities, dealing with financial issues, joint and separate vacations, will be fundamentally different.

In order to find out what the other half thinks about it, you do not have to wait for a big fight. It is important to do this early in the relationship.

2. Know how to hear “NO”

If your woman expresses her disagreement on an issue, don’t try to do it your way. But it is also important for a man to find that fine line and learn to understand when “no” is a firm decision and when “no” can be implied as “maybe and yes” or “yes, but I want to be persuaded”.

3. No need to cheat


Many people are familiar with phrases such as:

  • Be more cunning, keep quiet and do it your way
  • Do it the way you think it should be done, and then she’ll realize it’s better.

They are manipulations and tricks that damage the relationship. Negotiate openly, without artifice.

4. Your partner is not a telepath

If you like or dislike something, tell your lady about it. No need to be silent and think that she herself will guess what you like, what you expect, and what you resent.

5. Problem-solving, how to do the right thing

There is no relationship without quarrels and problems. But this does not mean that you have to break up. If there is a misunderstanding between you, you should not run for advice to parents or friends. Only you and your spouse know all the circumstances of the conflict.

If the problem in the couple is still not resolved, you may need to consult a psychologist. Under no circumstances should the man raise his hand on the woman or subject her to psychological violence.

6. Keep to your own pace


Never repeat the way your friends did. Even if one of them got married a year after they met, another year later they had a child, etc., there is no need to develop your relationship according to a similar scenario. Perhaps your woman is totally unprepared for a family relationship or motherhood in the near future.

7. Alarms and whether to pay attention to them

All relationships, without exception, are characterized by a presentational period. That is, this is the time when both the man and the woman show their best side. They try to seem better than they really are. If during the betrothal phase you notice rudeness to other people, showing aggression and other dangerous signals, do not think that the partner will improve. Just draw conclusions!

8. How do you feel in a relationship?

It’s important for a man to understand what a relationship means to him. If they bring joy and make life easier, then they are worth developing and continuing. If they consist only of difficulties, frequent quarrels, and only sometimes bright happy moments, such a relationship is unhealthy.

Do not get used to the emotional swings and wait until someday everything will be fine. If your partner only complicates things, think about whether you need such a relationship..

9. Don’t limit your personal space


Leaving your woman some personal space is one of the important recommendations for building a happy relationship. This can take the form of:

  • the availability of private correspondence with girlfriends;
  • The ability to have personal savings;
  • having a favorite hobby, etc.

10. Ghosts of exes, forget or…

There is no need to chase the “ghosts” of your significant other’s exes. Many men do not meet their woman for a relationship in kindergarten. If you are dating at a mature age, chances are your lady may have already been in a relationship.

Many men don’t know what to do. The answer is simple – leave your exes in the past. Don’t constantly compare yourself to whoever was before you, saying you’re better or prettier. Do not check the pages on social networks, and do not count how many likes put your lady under this or that photo. An important point is also that you need to forget about your previous relationships, which you most likely had too.

11. Jealousy – an indicator of love or mistrust


As a rule, almost all members of the stronger sex are jealous. Some are more jealous, others less so. It is a man’s mistake to consider jealousy an indicator of high feelings.

There is no need to demand your lady to stop communicating with all persons of the opposite sex, to control her correspondence, to react ambiguously to every glance in the direction of an attractive person. All these attempts are not evidence of fear of losing your partner and of great love. Learn to trust!

12. Talk more about your love

If you’ve already declared your love to your beloved once and thought that was enough, you’re wrong. Do not take the woman next to you for granted.

An important point in building a strong and happy relationship is to express gratitude for the fact that she chose you and is near you.

Given the dating advice and general recommendations for interpersonal relationships, more often talk about your feelings, and pay compliments. These signs of attention will only strengthen your alliance.

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