6 Signs it’s Time to Remove Your Backyard Tree

Although trees are very long-lasting and can live for decades, each tree has its own lifespan. Don’t worry, it will give you clear signs that indicate the end of his life. If you ignore these indicators, the tree will pose a serious threat to your family and home. That is why it is important to check his condition and take the necessary steps to keep the victim to a minimum. Remember that the longer you delay the action, the greater the danger. For example, branches may fall after a while. Age is not the only factor you need to consider.

Sometimes nature will affect its condition if the tree is damaged by lightning or storm. You may come to a totally wrong conclusion. A tree can have a lot of life in it while on the outside it looks dilapidated and vice versa. If you are not an expert, you will hardly be able to say anything more about the health of wood by observing only visual and physical signs. However, there are a few signs that tell you it’s time to hire a professional.

1. Fungi


Fungal growth is one of the most obvious symptoms you will notice. This phenomenon indicates the slow death of wood because fungal growth is characteristic of rotten materials. In addition to mushrooms, you may notice the growth of moss.

Don’t worry, because moss is not a sign that should be considered. Be sure to have a big problem if you notice fungi even on the branches because the fungus begins to spread from the roots to the tree and branches.

2. Trunk problem

Although there are no visible signs such as the appearance of fungi, the trunk of the tree can be in trouble. This is the biggest problem because a tree can fall without your knowledge. One of the worst consequences is the unexpected fall of the tree. Therefore, check the trunk often. If you notice cracks, or wounds, call a tree cutting expert immediately.

We must note that tree trunks naturally deteriorate over time. After a detailed analysis, a professional will be able to assess whether it is necessary to remove the wood or whether it is a false alarm. This kind of trunk is very unstable and a little stronger wind is enough to bring it down. The reason is internal rot. Also, you will be informed about the cost of the tree removal. You can get a rough estimate of the price at

3. Infection


Your trees are not only susceptible to moss. It is actually a great position for various diseases, pests, and infections. There are different levels of infection as well as types. They depend on the place where you live or the climatic conditions. An equally important factor is the age of the tree. Infected trees have dry branches without leaves.

Other visible signs that indicate the presence of infection are mold, mildew, etc. If you notice that the leaves have changed drastically or that pieces of wood have started to fall off, take it seriously. The earlier you detect an infection, the better your chances of curing your tree. However, some diseases may require the complete removal of the tree.

4. Change the position of trees

The tree cannot move, but you may notice that it is tilted to one side. A certain position of a tree speaks a lot about its health. For example, tilting a tree usually indicates a problem. Of course, this can have other meanings. It happens that we find a tree in this position, and the plant simply reaches for the sun. Either way, you won’t be able to judge for yourself. Leaning trees are a big cause for concern because they can overturn and fall on your roof if it is close to your home.

Don’t think too much if your tree is bent over the sidewalk, because that can hurt someone and you will be responsible for these consequences. An expert will inspect the wood and determine if it needs to be pruned or completely removed. In some cases, an arborist can correct bending and tilting, but sometimes a tree cannot withstand its weight.

5. New branches


Although the new growth mostly indicates health, we cannot say the same about the new branches on the tree. From your point of view, this may look like a flowering tree, but from an expert point of view, it is completely different. He has enough knowledge and experience to conclude that the tree is under great stress and that the new sprouts are just his reaction. So, this is an unusual phenomenon and should not be interpreted as something positive.

It is a sign that probably represents stress, soil compaction, excessive sun exposure, etc. Some trees can get out of this situation, especially if flowering is the only symptom. However, the presence of other symptoms accelerates the putrefaction process. In that case, it is necessary to remove the wood.

6. Trees grow close to a structure

This is actually one of the most common reasons for removing wood. If it is too close to a man-made object, removal is inevitable. Otherwise, the branches will become entangled in the installation and create a dangerous environment. Such conditions often cause a fire. Thus, over time, wood can become too bulky for its surroundings. To preserve your property and your own safety, do not allow your roots to invade your home. Not only are situations like this a danger to your life, but they can cause several thousand dollars in damage.



Contact a professional company even if you notice only one symptom. If you are not an arborist, you will have a hard time determining whether your tree is completely healthy or not. Healthy plants require equally frequent inspections because that way you will detect health problems in time and avoid removing trees.

Occasionally pay attention to its root, stem, and crown. Look for cracks or fungus to make sure everything is in order. Self-removal of wood is not recommended, because experts will do it in a much safer and more responsible way.

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