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9 Ways to Use Timber in Your Home Renovation

Adding a bit of timber in your house design will definitely give it that homey feeling. Timber has been used in home constructions for a long time for its durability and resilience. Wooden elements in the home enhance the looks and can add significant value to the property. There are many creative ways you can implement timber into your home; here are some suggestions to hopefully trigger your inspiration.


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Custom-made wooden stairs could become the focal point of the house if done the right way. To expose the beauty of the natural wood consider using glass railings so that the stairs can come into full effect. This can create the illusion of a bigger and open space instead of stairs just seem like unnecessary clutter with neutral carpets over them and rod railings. Hanging stairs are even better if you have some funds left in your budget. It’s a good investment if you decide to sell it, too. If not, it will draw attention, adding that wow-factor, without dominating the space.


Wooden panels and walls have been used for decades to create the illusion of bigger spaces. Back in the 70s and 80s wooden grain planks were part of every home, and it seems like they are having a major comeback at the moment. In bathrooms, wooden panels with horizontal grains are installed to make the room look bigger, wider, and more spacious, while in the living rooms vertically oriented grains add to the feeling that the ceiling is much higher than it actually is. In any case, if you’re living space is somewhat tight and you want to add some airy feeling to it, wooden walls and panels are a great addition.

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Exposed wooden beams can add extra warmth and coziness to every room. Natural color and tiny cracks that can be seen as the wood dries and hardens, will give your home a snug feeling and are bound to draw attention. Wooden beams can be joined in many different ways and installed in every room. A bit of timber framing can go a long way in accentuating family-gathering areas like a kitchen or a living room. If you missed adding wooden beams to your home during the construction you can add them later with the Hamill Creek Timer Frame Homes and highlight the special areas in the home.  


Nothing adds value to the home like wooden floors, so much so that many homeowners started adding them in the bathrooms and kitchens, instead of traditionally putting them in only living rooms and bedrooms. Carpets are becoming a thing of the past and wooden flooring has slowly taken over. They come in many different staining, from completely white to charcoal black, and every shade in between. They look amazing and can last a lifetime. If you’re looking to put your house on the market, make sure that you have wooden floors installed since they have become the standard with modern homeowners.

Kitchen tops

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This might not be the standard choice for many, but lately, wooden kitchen tops have become the new hype. Wood is especially stained so that it keeps its durability. If you’re worried about all the spills and cuts, don’t be. The modern construction industry has found solutions to make wood kitchen countertops durable and sustain all wear and tear throughout the years. As with every other timber addition, at home, these will also add a significant value to it. Kitchens will look inviting, comfy, and a true family-oriented space. Regardless of its endurance, it would be safe to keep wooden tops away from the sinks and stoves.


When we think about storage, the first thing that comes to mind is messy clutter. It usually is, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Modern timber cabinets, painted in the colors that compliment the room design, can be a great addition that might even become the central point of the room or fill in the otherwise useless corners. If you build a book shelf and add some closed cabinets in the top and bottom, put in some framed pictures and a ladder on the side, it can truly look like a room from some fairytale movie. Feel free to experiment with shapes and colors to highlight the area and arrange the clutter.

Windows and doors

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Wooden windows and sliding doors will define the spaces in your home. If properly stained and maintained they can last a long time. They do require an effort to make them look nice and protect them from pests and weather elements. However, many homeowners find them to be well worth the hassle since they can add a major value to the house.


Big, wooden decks are a staple of every home. Many owners proud themselves in their outdoor space, installing timber decks that look like something from a home magazine. They do look amazing and are definitely a selling point if you decide to do so, but they do ask for regular maintenance. This doesn’t come cheap, with yearly staining, power-washing, and fixing small splits and cracks. However, homeowners find them worth their while since they are irreplaceable family space during the warm months.


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Wooden elements can be used both indoors and outdoors. They add boldness and accentuate the space so much more than metal or cloth ones. Installing wooden lighting fixtures on the deck or backyard will look magnificent in the nighttime when the lights start playing with the shadow shapes. Inside, wooden lighting is often used for chandeliers that will give warm lights making the family spaces feel comfortable and homey.

When thinking of adding wood into your home you’ll find endless possibilities, from floors, windows to skirting boards. The truth is, you can’t go wrong with it. Besides these ideas, you can experiment and explore your own needs and wants. Wooden elements go well with any sort of design, from minimalistic, modern, contemporary to traditional, so feel free to add your personal stamp to every room.

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