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All you Need to Know About Face Fat – 2024 Guide

When we want to lose weight, we need to take care of eating habits and routines, and also to exercise regularly at least two times a week. But, a lot of us have problems with losing face fat. Technically, we can make some massages and facial exercises, but most of the time, losing face fat is not that easy like burning body fats.

When you want to slim down your stomach, you perform abs regularly. But our neck and cheeks are more specific. We are all different, and our bodies have unique shapes and physical characteristics, and you need to try a few activities until you find the right one for you. Many people decide to perform some cosmetic surgeries so they can make their face look more beautiful and attractive.

When is facial fat occurring?

Very often, when the person gains weight, as a result of bad food and an unhealthy lifestyle, they carry more fat around the face. Sometimes, even slim people have an excess quantity of fats on the cheeks, especially if they eat a lot of carbs, fats, and salt. If you have bad eating habits, it’s expected that you will gain weight on every part of your body, especially the critical points.

The biology recognizes nine facial shapes, so the fats can also depend on that. Don’t ignore the shape as a huge factor in how you look, but on the other side, you can’t change that. Sometimes, some health conditions can also affect the way you look, such as hormonal imbalance or diabetes.

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How can I take care of this problem?

You need to change your lifestyle habits, so you can maintain a healthy weight. Once you do that, your body will start changing and adapting to the new routines. You can’t expect that two weeks of diet and the intense workout will make a miracle, but if you accept these changes for the long term, you will see the first results in a few weeks.

It’s always a nice idea to take pictures of yourself and save them, so you can compare your visible progress. That will be an extra motivation to embrace the new lifestyle and enjoy your exceptional slimming results.

Of course, there are some cosmetic products that you can use to make the situation better. Many beauty companies offer slimming gels or lotions for the neck and cheeks, so you can try using them together with your appropriate diet. In many cases, if you take care of your skin, that will make your face look visually smaller.

Makeup artists also know some tricks, like contouring or choosing the right foundation. Follow their tutorials so you can learn these tricks, but don’t forget about exercising and eating healthy food, for better results.

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Massages and facial exercises

You can’t target the face fat directly with some workout plan, but if you start exercising regularly, you will see that as you lose weight, your face is changing too. Exercising is also very important for your metabolism, and that’s what will make your skin shiny and glowing. The whole body workout also includes neck and head stretching exercises, and they surely affect the fats under your skin.

Massages are a crucial part of your beauty routines. Use your regular oil cleanser to perform a 10-minute massage to your face, so you can improve the blood flow. It may look like something that won’t make a difference, but we recommend you massage your skin every few days. Massages can help you increase the skin elasticity, stimulating it to produce more collagen.

Cosmetic or surgical interventions

There are also plenty of cosmetic and surgical interventions that can help you fix this problem if you think it harms your appearance and self-confidence. That’s why more and more people choose to have cosmetic surgery or use dermal injections that treat the fats under the chin. Before you decide to do this, you need to find more information about how these injections are used, or what do you need to do before you undergo a cosmetic surgical procedure.

As we get older, our skin is becoming less elastic, but today’s cosmetics and beauty industry offer a lot of products that will keep our skin young and appealing. If you combine them with your diet, massages, and appropriate cosmetic products, you will surely have exceptional results. You will need to repeat the procedure every few months, depending on the type of injection. Surgeries are often with durable lifetime results.

Another option is to undergo classical face lifting, which is known as the most efficient surgical procedure. Sometimes, you may need to perform submental liposuction, and then the lifting. But, this is a risky operation and you need to be aware of the many potential risks. So, before you get the idea to go to face liposuction and lifting, check your options, because you may need less invasive treatment, cosmetic product, or just a little face massage to fix the problem.

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More practical tricks about reducing the facial fat

All of the facts mentioned above will help you lose the fats on your chin, cheeks, and neckline. Also, we need to sum up some of the most important points of this article, such as:

Importance of exercising

You can choose cardio or HIIT exercises, or some calmer workout techniques like Pilates or yoga. You won’t see the results immediately, but after a few months, there will be a visible difference.

How much water do you drink during the day?

Have you ever thought that drinking water can affect the way you look? We all know water is an important part, and of course, we all love moisturizers and hydration serums. But, do you drink enough water during the day? Think again.

Avoid salty food

We use salt to make the taste of our meals better, but you should limit your intake, so you can avoid face fat or even facial cellulite. Drinking water is important, so don’t you ever forget about that part.

Do you sleep enough?

Our sleeping patterns can directly affect how our face looks. Proper sleep routines have a lot of health and beauty benefits. If we sleep badly, we are more likely to increase our calorie intake during the day, because our body requires energy to work properly.

We hope this article helped you understand what is facial fat and how can you fix that problem.

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