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19 Things to do on the Weekend when You are Bored

Working professionals, as well as students eagerly wait for the weekend. However, during the weekend, they do not know what to do. Most of the weekend is dedicated to rest. However, they are at a loss for activities once they have rested fully. So, let us discuss certain activities that may be done during the weekend, to avoid boredom. You can get to know more about it at

Things to be done on the weekend to avoid boredom

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People may choose indoor or outdoor activities during the weekend. They may zero in upon activities that help them save or splurge. The basic idea is to pamper oneself and relax. Let us check out some such events:

Indoor activities

Some people prefer to stay indoors. The outside world doesn’t attract them to a great extent. So, let us check out some indoor activities that people may enjoy during weekends:

  • Sleep in: It is a good idea to switch off the alarms during the weekends. There is no hurry to wake up and no deadlines to meet. So, they may sleep for as long as they want during the weekend. Sleep helps people to rejuvenate the cells of their body. So, people needn’t feel guilty about sleeping late.
  • Some people play some soothing music on Youtube before they fall asleep. Others use some essential oil in an essential oil diffuser. It helps them sleep more soundly. Alternately, it is also beneficial to take a power nap.
  • Maintain a journal: Many people feel that their work pressure doesn’t allow them to reflect on themselves. So, they use the weekend to maintain a journal, where they record their self-reflective thoughts.
  • Begin a new podcast: Many people begin a new podcast or complete one they had fallen behind. The podcast may play in the background while they complete their household chores.
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  • Complete the Laundry: People may use their laundry during the weekend. At least, they will have cleaner innerwear to wear to work. Their bedsheets will also be more honest. However, it is only possible to do the laundry if the weather is sunny.
  • Update the resume: Veteran professionals emphasize the importance of upskilling. Employees need to upskill themselves even if they are not looking in to change their jobs. Every upskilling course they complete, every training they take needs to be updated in the resume.
  • Read: Some people are already voracious readers. Others may read a book in their e-book reader or a tab. This hobby is a source of inspiration. Alternately, reading the news feeds also helps them stay abreast of current affairs. They may also grab this opportunity to attend this library and browse through books. It is possible to find a section of books they enjoy reading. Alternatively, they may join the book club of an author whose works they find enjoyable.
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  • Organize the home: Some people may find it daunting to organize their entire mansion. So, it is better to take up the challenge one at a time. People may clean out a closet one weekend, or a book almirah the next week.
  • Browse Thumbtack: This app will find people experts to teach them anything- from dance to a new language. So, they may sign up for weekend classes through Thumbtack. It is a good idea to check reviews.
  • Meditation: People have more time for reflection on the weekends. Several videos related to meditation are available on Youtube. One such video may play in the background.

Outdoor activities

Many people claim that they feel suffocated indoors. So, they revel outdoors. They can choose from an array of events during the weekend.

  • Take a stroll: It is empowering to take a stroll alone. It helps people gather their thoughts and self-reflect. On the way, they may pause to appreciate the view. It is a good idea to leave the phone at home during this stroll. This lack of distractions makes the stroll more effective.
  • Do gardening: Space crunch is a persistent problem of urban life. Still, people may use their restricted place for cultivation.
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  • Visit a garden: Many people enjoy the proximity of nature. They may visit the lake, or the botanical gardens or even the horticultural garden.
  • Catch up with an old friend or well-wisher: The weekends are an excellent time to visit some old friends or well-wishers. They, too, may require such a company. People may visit them if they stay close. Otherwise, the option of doing Face time is always there. Facebook or Whatsapp may not always be the best substitute for the physical presence.
  • Set out on a biking trip: A solo bike trip is therapeutic. It is not a wise idea to go far, given the time constraints. However, it satisfies the craving for adventure.

Beauty sessions

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Certain people are conscious about their appearance. They may devote the free time on weekends towards the presentation. There is no need to feel guilty about pampering oneself occasionally.

  • Focus on the nails: A dash of colors is enough to lighten up the mood. So, it is essential to go in for a manicure during the weekends. Those who prefer to go outdoors may visit a parlor for it. Those who prefer to stay indoors may do it themselves. A few Youtube tutorials may come in handy.
  • A bubble bath: A bubble bath is relaxing. People owe themselves a bubble bath after a hectic weekend.
  • Go in for a massage: The body is sure to thank the owner for getting a massage done during the weekend.
  • Oil massage: An oil massage on the weekends keeps the tresses healthy. It is a good idea to pamper the tresses with an oil massage during the weekends since nobody will make fun of the appearance.
  • Practice yoga: People get more time they may dedicate towards practicing yoga during the weekend.


Self-care is vital in the 21st century. It is important to practice self-care and gather knowledge during the weekend to get rid of boredom.

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