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5 Reason to Use the Toquilla Straw Hat

But… what is a toquilla Straw hat?

It will surely ask you where this accessory comes from and how it originates, the Montecristi toquilla straw hat or also known as the Panama hat (because its use became popular among people who built the Panama canal), this hat is made from The leaves of the Toquilla Palm – Carludovica Palmata, originally from the humid forests of the Ecuadorian coast, after a collection process, selection of the best leaves and drying of them, the fine tissue is carried out, which is usually done by an experienced weaver, the weaving consists of a very complicated weaving, making each hat a true piece of art, declared as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2012.

A fine Tissue

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The fabrics of a hat can vary in complexity depending on the quality of the hat, the more complicated the finer the hat is and the higher its value. A thin hat made of eco-friendly toquilla straw, it is capable of folding and stowing without losing its original shape when wearing it. An art that has been perfected after hundreds of years where artisan weavers who with dedication and perseverance prepare each hat and is their livelihood and that of their families.

As seen at, it is a hat that has the characteristics of being cool, comfortable to wear, with an elegant and sober style is a unique piece that can be worn at any time of the year. Here are the reasons to wear this fine hat with elegance and freshness.

1. Everyone can use it

Due to its design, this hat can be used by all people, without gender exclusion, there are no limitations when choosing yours, this fine hat fits anyone who wants to wear it and use their imagination to play with their outfits. There is also no age limit, you can choose for your children, your friends, parents, or grandparents, it provides everyone with the same advantages. It is interesting as a gift, think about it?

2. A hat that combines with different outfits

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The unique style of a hat, its sobriety in color and shape gives you the power to choose several clothes and combine it, you will not need to buy new clothes to wear your toquilla straw hat, just imagine it!, A simple summer dress, you can Being short or long, with sandals and your favorite glasses, completing your outfit with a hat, will make you look fabulous and fresh, apart from the fact that the hat will protect you from UV rays.

You can also combine it with your favorite pants and a blouse or sleeve shirt, high or low footwear (you choose it), and your straw hat, it will give you a sober and elegant look. You just have to imagine it and play with your favorite styles to accompany it with a fine hat.

3. Durability and easy care

Due to its fabric made up of a tiny hand-made weave, which depending on the degree of fineness of the hat is more complex and can take up to six months to produce, results in a product that is resistant to water and sun, lasts for many years without losing its original quality, it can be folded and stored without losing its shape. At the same time that its cleaning is simple and does not require special products for its care. It is perfect to take on a trip to your favorite destinations, it does not require special packaging and you can be comfortable.

4. It does not expire its use is timeless

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There are no limits to the timeless style of the hat, its design is not made to be used specifically in one or two fashion trends, because you can choose to use it with all trends for many years, remember that it is a hat that has been elaborated for years and used by different people especially in Ecuador and Latin America and that in recent years it has been getting to know all parts of the world. Do not doubt that it is precise to go outdoors either in the city or in the country, at a gathering of friends at home or go out to a party in a disco, it looks great during the day and night. This makes the hat an indispensable accessory in your closet.

5. You support an eco-friendly handmade product

You should know that the hat is handcrafted, there are groups of weavers who have spent decades making a toquilla straw hat, it is a work passed down from generation to generation, from mothers to daughters who continue to make the fine hats with their hands. Each hat carries with it the dedication of an Ecuadorian weaver whose purpose is to give you the comfort and protection of a hat of unmatched style. It must be recognized that its process is totally sustainable and organic, as it is an art of hundreds of years, it has an ancient manufacturing process, which ranges from hand-picking each fiber of the palm, selecting the most perfect ones, putting them to boil with water natural and dry in the open air, and then proceeds to braid its fibers until you have made a hat that will come directly to your hands. Knowing that you have contributed to the continued preservation of this ancient activity.

Wear a stylish Accessory and help to keep a heritage

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After you have known the reasons to wear a fine toquilla straw hat, its origin, and benefits for you and yours, do you dare to wear it with style and elegance? What are you waiting to bring something from the forest to your hands, or rather to your head, you will take with you the wisdom of an ancestor and his knowledge in this art while contributing to the environment by using an eco- friendly and organic accessory of natural origin, all this while looking fabulous, looking stylish, fresh and elegant.

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