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The Importance of The Internet in Today’s World

The Internet these days is like oxygen. You feel almost suffocated when you are offline for even a second. This at least what it is like for the Millennials. Older generations can somewhat go by their day without just fine.

So, what basically is the internet and why is it so intertwined with our daily lives?

This is basically a global network of devices that are connected with each other and transmit data to each other through various mediums. Our lives have become more and more dependent on the internet these days. From home use to industrial utilization, it has become vital in all aspects of our life.

People may use the term internet and World Wide Web in substitution for one another but they are definitely not the same thing. The web is just one of the services that we use via a network. It originated in the United States back in the 1960s when the research was commissioned to build better communication with computer networks.

Many of the service providers are available in the US which is considered the giants of net providers, some of which are AT&T, Spectrum, Cox, Mediacom internet, and many more.

Why do we need the internet?

It has become an essential part of our lives. We search for recipes on the net, use it for educational purposes, entertainment and even use it to commute. This is what makes it critical in our lives. We feel anxious the minute we are disconnected from the net. This is why service providers are earning more and more by providing various package deals to customers.

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Even though it has many uses in our lives, some adverse effects are bound to occur sooner or later. People spending long hours in front of the screen tend to face problems with their eyesight and even develop headaches. Due to micro radiation generated from internet wave signals, the chance of developing cancer also goes up.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is making use of this technology a lot. Current cars use the feature of GPS in them to provide directions to the driver. Radios also use internet service in cars. Smart cars use it the most since upcoming self-driven cars would require this feature mainly.


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The gaming industry has been revolutionized since the dawn of the internet. It has become an actual profession for a lot of people. Also, it has brought the status of gaming to “e-sports”. Players of Dota2, PUBG, Counter-Strike are only a few of the games that are played professionally.

Cellular Technology

Cellular services have also benefited from this service a lot. Previously people had to physically to certain locations to get the desired information. Now, they can simply search for the required info in the palm of their hands which is a lot less hectic as compared to going to the library. People use it for all sorts of on their cell phones, such as gaming, transport, education and more.

Security Improvements

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Security has become much more reliable with the introduction of the internet. People use it for security clearance, home security, car theft prevention system and much more. People do not need to worry about their homes left unattended as they can simply view the CCTV footage of their home on their mobile devices any time they please.

Who is affected?

Almost everyone is impacted by this revolution. People of all ages and backgrounds use it on a daily basis. Companies use it for security, communication, and manufacturing of their products and for other purposes as well. People at home also use it for the same purposes as well as entertainment, cuisine, travel and much more.


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The music industry isn’t far behind when it comes to the internet. Podcasts, live music videos are streamed daily by musicians. The provision of music to the masses is also assisted by the internet. Places, where you cannot easily go physically, can be accessed by this miraculous beauty.

Military Use

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The military uses the internet a lot as well. Using it for guided missiles and communications is better achieved with the help of it.

Medical Applications

The medical industry relies on it a lot as well. Medical procedures and communication of reports rely on it heavily. Timely communication of critical information is crucial in the field of medicine which is assisted by the internet.

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Airports consume this facility heavily as well. Real-time transmission of data is critical in this field. Even the slightest of delay can cause major catastrophes in the airline business. Hence high-speed internet provides real-time data transmission

After saying all this, it can be assumed that it is a huge global network and our lives revolve around it almost completely. Our lives almost feel incomplete without it. Some children even learn to use it before they can learn to write.

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