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The Importance And Health Benefits of Natural Dog Treats For Your Pet

For optimal dog health, feeding them a nutritional, balanced diet is the key – and this also extends to treats. Natural dog treats are becoming increasingly popular among the pet owner who understands the importance of both healthy and tasty rewards. The wide range of treats available can make it difficult to choose the best one, however, you can narrow it down by considering the ingredients the treats are made from.

In this article, you will be able to read about the importance and benefits of natural dog treats. Let’s take a look.

Wholesome Nutrition

The natural treats are usually made from high-quality ingredients and if you look at the package, you will know exactly what it is made from. When reading the ingredient list, check the type of meat used – natural treats could state beef, chicken, or any other meat, while artificial dog treats state meat and animal by-products.

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Hormone Free

Artificial dog treats and usually made from animals that were pumped with antibiotics and hormones. Specific hormones are given to them to encourage rapid muscle development and growth, while antibiotics are given to protect the animals from diseases. However, when your furry friend eats these treats, they can build up antibiotics, which ingesting the hormones from the animal products can cause hyperactivity. But, natural dog treats are made from the meat of free-range animals that have not been given hormones or antibiotics, hence, that is what makes them a good choice.

No Unnatural Additives

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According to the experts from Droolpetco, since these treats are made with fresh ingredients, they will not contain artificial additives that enhance the color and flavor. If the ingredients are of good quality, there will be no need for artificial coloring or flavoring, and the treats will be safe.

Better Dental Health

Dogs can benefit from natural dog treats in various ways. As previously mentioned, the use of quality grain and meat source can reduce the health risks, however, natural treats can also improve your pet’s dental health. These dog treats do not promote tooth decay with unnatural sugars or other harmful ingredients. They are natural and chewy, and various minerals like phosphorous and calcium can promote healthy, strong teeth.

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Weight Management

Dogs enjoy eating, whether their weigh is normal or they are slightly overweight. However, if your dog is on a diet, it might be tempting to cut out the treats, which can result in the dog chewing items around your home. But, you can avoid this by switching to natural treats that are a great source of protein but contain little fat. Hence, they can help your dog lose weight without taking their rewards. Overweight dogs and cats are more predisposed to diabetes, and once that medical condition is developed, you will need to test your furry buddy’s glucose regularly. Click here for more information on quality glucose meters for cats.

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As you can see, by switching to natural treats, your furry friend can get various benefits that include a healthier life, better dental care, as well as healthy weight management. Hence, if you did not make a change yet, do not waste any more time and start searching for the best natural treats for your best friend.

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