The difference between 'topic' and 'subject'

The difference between ‘topic’ and ‘subject’

Often people get confused with the meaning of some word, and often people think different words mean the same thing. But often, that is not the case.

Today we are going to get some things cleared. Today we are going to talk about the difference between two words, the word topic, and the word subject. What’s the main difference between them, and what do these words mean.

If we are talking about linguistics the word topic will be the word that describes something that we are talking about. Something that we comment about. It is an issue that we are discussing, something that we are arguing about.

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And the subject can be a more grammatical construct, and it can be related to the forms of nouns and verbs. The subject is general content, and subjects can be broad and general. So the subject of something can be travel, health, cars, houses.

And if we are talking and discussing a specific type of travel, a specific car, or a specific house, then that is the topic of our discussion.

This is the easiest way to describe and explain what is the difference between the words ‘topic’ and ‘subject’. We hope that we helped you and that now you will be able to recognize what is what. And that you will not be confusing these two words anymore.

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