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Best Ways of Using WordPress in the Classroom

In the times of the Internet and blogging, it is easy to achieve any goal that you like. More and more college students take advantage of online website constructors that help to cover many issues in classrooms. The main point is that WordPress helpful tool not just for students but teachers as well.

The possibilities of website templates are enormous! Students and teachers begin to create beautiful things with WordPress without knowledge of coding. Start sharing your college life in a blog, create a digital classroom, invite your teacher, or combine lifestyle and educational needs for free! Building a website is an excellent solution for a group of students not to forget their home tasks.

From the first grade, a lot of tasks accumulate in every student’s life. As a website’s sample help to create a great product, a student wants to find a sample to make an A-level essay. The most reliable writing service with essay templates you may read about is on the GPALabs website. Also, when you learn how to write perfect assignments, you may create your WordPress-based service.

As the world of blogging increases, so does the amount of educational blogs. Teachers and students are using WordPress for several educational purposes today. Are you thinking about how to use WordPress and create websites or blogs in your classrooms? It can be used to create any content website you wish. We provide here some examples of how this specific platform can be used by students or teachers to expand the academic experience.

1st Way – Virtual Classroom

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Create a website that has been set up to imitate a virtual classroom. It is one of the most popular educational uses of WordPress today. Just imagine how useful the virtual classroom may be for extramural students.

Virtual classrooms are perfect solutions for teachers to set the topics of the lectures, track home tasks, and even stream the lectures online!
If you are looking for better educational involvement from the students, then why not to start a classroom website. You can create the right kind of virtual class that offers information and interactivity.

By quickly including presentations, songs, and videos into posts, it creates an interactive and engaging learning experience for students, which leads to increased understanding and execution of concepts and lessons.

The teachers that give lessons in the classroom can join the classroom to set up the website together and have pages devoted to each topic unit shown in the class. You can include online activities, relevant websites links, audio clips, video messages, booklets, documents, and even scores for exams. This will make the classroom website, unlike others: creative, exciting, and everybody gets much more fun waiting for the assignment’s result online!

2nd Way – Communication

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Instead of calling everybody from the contact book of your phone, it is better to set up a blog as a communicating method between parents, students, or teachers. By updating information regarding assignments, class schedules, and posting comments, teachers keep parents updated with news, and therefore, they are familiar with children’s school activities. They can use communication tools like newsletters, contact forms, polls, sending posts via email to reach the students and to keep them focused on school or college life.

And for classmates, it is a perfect way to connect with your fellow and create a virtual space for online notes sharing. The WordPress-based website may become your central location for sharing information regarding upcoming assignments, topic ideas, and brainstorming.

3rd Way – Projects Collaboration Blogs

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The easiest way for teachers and students to cooperate is to create a collaboration blog or a group blog. Usually, this blog is related to a particular project of one of the disciplines. Even if you have a lot of topics or classes, it is easy to create a new page with WordPress.

It works like an ordinary website, but it is filled with. This is an excellent opportunity to share ideas and discuss particular classes, or some related to teaching moments.
Creating a class website is very useful for students to share blog posts, photos, and videos they create. The project collaboration blog is an opportunity for students to showcase their skills, creative talent, and their ideas and put every new knowledge into assignments. They can make quizzes, polls for assignment’s research, psychological test for entertaining, or create writing tasks to help them to improve their writing skills.

Many tools allow to create a platform where teachers or students may initiate private group meetings. By using this platform, students simply carry out their assigned tasks wherever and whenever they want. Nobody needs for face to face meetings anymore.

Important to Know

Remember that every time you create a page with WordPress help, it is essential to choose the right domain name. Any deal should be profitable! For example, you may use the domain name with a price of $18 per year:

Or you may choose another extension that suits your needs:

4th Way – Executing Lesson Plans

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Posting and sharing class lessons online allow teachers to get feedback from each other about their educational achievements. This is another excellent way of using WordPress today for teachers and begin their informative blogs. By building an online community and increasing the number of followers who provide you with feedback and suggest alternate methods for implementing lesson plans, teacher’s knowledge may be instrumental.

It is a platform where professionals share information and tips with other educators and teachers. It is essential to know ideas, thoughts, and reflections on your colleagues’ learning or their teaching practices. This will help to use blogs effectively to communicate with the students in the classes. Personal teacher’s blogs can be used to collaborate with a global audience too.

5th Way – Creating Portfolio

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This tip is useful for both teachers and students. Today every company wants the job seekers applying for a job (especially a recent graduate) with a portfolio where they could assess their work.
At the end of the last grade, every student of Art’s disciplines has to show to the teacher work’s result for all studying years. However, lugging around a giant case might not only be complicated but also an inconvenience moment. That’s why having your website showcase can help! Creating an online portfolio is an excellent option for students instead of carrying large folders and bags filled with their works.

6th Way – Homework Checker

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Also, it is comfortable for teachers to check students’ homework on the website, where all the information is beautifully organized.

Landing page or full website where you can upload and share relevant media links and documents is another way teachers are using WordPress today.

When many other tools and platforms allow students and teachers to build an educational website, WordPress became a favorite due to several reasons. It is not only completely free and open-source, but it is also easy to maintain and provides users with flexibility and versatility.

If you are looking for creating a good learning management system in your school for students to understand the subjects in a meaningful way, then you can use WordPress to enhance the quality of education in the classroom.

7th Way – Personal Blogs

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This using WordPress turns college community life brighter and more enjoyable. Twenty or ten years ago, it was hard to imagine to read open-hearted stories from the teacher’s life. Now every student’s dream came true!

Share not just your academic achievements or post the homework tasks but fulfill the info about the fantastic experience you live every day. Similarly, the teacher can use WordPress to establish an excellent educational rapport and relationship with students in many ways. It may be set up for various purposes. For example, a teacher or student has a lot of hobbies, for example, traveling. And many others can’t afford it, so why no to share your last visit to Australia or photos with kangaroos? Exactly! It is time to create your blog with WordPress.

8th Way – Classroom Blogs

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To improve your skills for different disciplines, organize classroom blogs. It may be structured as a forum for sharing main ideas. For example, every college member may create a relevant subject for discussion: ask about upcoming holidays, research help, libraries, lists to read literature, integration, multimedia, and other helpful tips from older students. Organize the review page for every unclear topic for you. As an example, you may use Essay Shark review page.

This is a vital resource to join. These blogs can be used in dozens of ways. Teachers may use the administrative class blogs to post learning resources, daily tasks, and assignments, due dates, class events, etc. This is a perfect option to keep students and parents stay informed about what is happening in the school. It is also useful to provide information to the parents about the students who are absent through the blog.

The class blog is a modern tool to represent the classroom to the parents, the local community, or even on a global platform. It is a place where a whole media can be incorporated to showcase what the students are up to in the class.

The classroom blog should have a comments section where the students can level-up their studying process through communication with other students in the class and with the teachers.

Every class has its community! It is interesting for students to observe the group’s achievements for last semester. Maybe you had a trip with your class or visited an exciting place with an excursion? Organize all memorable photos and information in one place. Remember, student’s life happens just once. Who knows, maybe you want to tell the story of most significant friendship and love through this website to your grandchildren?

9th Way – Subject’s Page

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Create unique WordPress websites and pages for specific subjects. Teachers who handle particular disciplines for a wide range of class grades will find it helpful to use a single blog for all the studies. This is a perfect option for students to gather information on specific classes.

For example, they could tap on the teacher’s name and get information about class assignments. There can be different categories created for each subject so students can easily find the theme they are looking for. Information, reference materials, including the handouts, can be uploaded to the classroom websites for quick and easy access for the students. Links to specific articles and any additional resource information from other sites can also be shared through the WordPress website.

10th Way – Charity Page

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It is a common practice among universities with a worldwide reputation to have some charity projects or volunteering community. With WordPress help, we invite you to create the shop online for students, teachers, or universities to sell the things of other users to those who need it.

Drawing the Line

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WordPress provides the students and the teachers the canvas that implements their ideas, thoughts, and the stuff that they would like to share with the student’s community. Many famous educational blogs have been built using WordPress. For example, Boston University, the University of Berlin, the University of Melbourne, and many others successfully use WordPress for their academic purposes.

Why is WordPress a good option for classroom needs? Among other tools, it is an excellent option for classroom learning. Use WordPress to create educational sites and blogs for free. Take advantage of it from elementary classrooms right up to college, university, and other learning institutions. Here are the following benefits that you can enjoy making use of WordPress in your schools and classrooms:

WordPress functions on an open-source platform. It is an independent software and is not supported by any company.
Many different plugins can be used on WordPress blogs and websites to adjust the content according to your needs. It is the best source that teachers may share all the educational stuff with that they would offer to the student community.

WordPress is flexible and offers the freedom to create your core code by making use of the various features and functions as well as the custom plugins offered.

We hope we helped you to choose the best way to use WordPress for your classroom needs, whether you are a student or teacher.

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