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Best 7 Knife Sharpeners You Can Buy in 2024

There is no one boring moment than that minute that you are thinking of preparing your favorite delicacy just to remember all your minds are in the worst of condition, this feeling not only messes with you but also messes with your appetite as well.

Maybe you are a chef in one of the reputable restaurants within your city and you have an urgent order, trying to deliver the customer their order you happen to mess up with that blunt knife at work, this feeling messes you moods for the whole day to an extent you regret being a chef and wish you were on the receiving end.

We have prepared for you a collection of the best knife sharpeners to town to keep your mind and moods focused to deliver the best. If you want to find other kitchen related products (especially about bread products), we can recommend that you check out Make The Bread.

Gone are the days that people used to walk away with the first sharpener that presents itself in a store, today we go by quality, I believe you too want that knife sharpener that will make the culinary world turn to your favorite moment.

Chef’s Choice 4643 ProntoPro Knife Sharpener

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Chef’s choice was designed with the engineer’s mind so sober and focused on solving the issue of blunt kitchen knives and penknives. It is a two in one machine, sharpening and honing stage for the razor. It features a soft-touch comfortable handle for a firm grip. Chef’s choice advanced crisscross sharpening technology delivers an extremely sharp edge with a bevel angle of 15 to 20-degree ultra-sharp blade with effortless cuts. Chef’s choice is not bias about straight edge and serrated ones.

Sunrise Pro Knife Sharpener

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Sunrise pro is one small cheap sharpener that will do one thing extremely well- sharpening. It is not based on what kind of knife it is sharpening and will sharpen any type from Asian knives to steak knives. It’s very easy to use and mounts perfectly on your table to avoid slip related accidents.

It comes with a nice strong suction cup on the bottom, which means, you can do away with the band-aids. With this machine, you are guaranteed to see the value of your money to the last cent.

Fallkniven DC3 Whetstone Knife Sharpener

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Sharpening stones have been there around since the budding of civilization and they work. They are labor-intensive as compared to most electric sharpeners but they will give you an unprecedented level of control. Once you learn how to use it you may never use your electric sharpener again. All the fall given needs from you is a bit of your time investment and trust in the process.

The greatest advantage if this stone is its portability and can be used from anywhere without any form of lubricant and will give your tool an amazing sharp edge. Timeless old days technology that still fights strongly in today’s world. You don’t have to worry about the power supply since it is fully manual.

Lansky 8 Inch Ceramic Knife sharpener

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If there were completion for design and fancy sharpener, this piece of sharpener would be the least of my contestant but when it comes to effectiveness it won’t let you down. This old fashioned device is comprised of a hardwood handle and ceramic sharpening rod and can do the job of an electric sharpener within no time.

All that is needed is practice to learn on what angle to place the knife to your sharpener. The sharpener goes at a killer price thus making it the most affordable.

Whetstone 2 Sided Professional Sharpener

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It is made from professional grade corundum and will sharpen everything from a razor blade to a machete. It is the simplest but impressive form of sharpener in today’s world. The manufacturer has prepared a video layout that clearly outlines how to get the most out of your Whetstone sharpener stone.

The sharpening process will be boring in your initial days but as you grow in speed and professionalism it will be fun. The sharpener stone comes with a link to online video guides on how to sharpen your tools while it falls under the category of the best sharpening stones, about which you can read more at

Chantry Knife Sharpener

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These culinary sharpeners are incredibly easy to use, with a quick turn of blunt knives to sharp ones with perfect nick. This sharpener comes with two v-shaped rotating steel which you pull the knife through towards yourself from the heel to the tip at a certain angle of the knife to the steel. With around 10 swipes your knife is ready to give the ultimately culinary experience.

The sharpening mechanism is not as precise and meditative as you may think. This sharpener comes with one disadvantage of creating serrations on your knife and may end up leaving your knife like a bread knife.

MinoSharp Plus Shinkansen Sharpener

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Shinkansen is a Japanese-style pull-through sharpener, that is a perfection of the chantry sharpener. It features two sets of ceramic wheels set at a right angle to each other for sharpening a Japanese blade. It sharpens from the comfort of one’s left-hand palm and then pulling back and forth gently through the coarser wheel to sharpen before switching to the finer while for honing.

Before starting the sharpening a maintenance task of feeling a small reservoir with water is necessary, this water is intended to clean the wheel and prevent overheating. They are easy to use but will give a relatively low result.

In settling on what knife sharpener you should go with, it is important to ensure it meets the following qualifications:

How suitable is it to the task at hand, that means the long blade will demand relatively large knife sharpener and the sharpener should always be harder than the material of your blade.

Secondly, you need to consider your safety with the sharpener, I highly recommend a product whose manufacturer has proven concern for your safety, otherwise, do not gamble with your body.

Thirdly consider the power and wattage usage for electric sharpeners, though knife sharpening is a task of less than a minute and thus less power consumption I recommend that you go through the manufacturer’s notes to go with that machine that consumes less and saves you energy.

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