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The Benefits of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is on the rise as students and parents discover the benefits of highly personalized education. Not so long ago, homeschooling was often associated with barefoot hippies or religious fundamentalists rather than being viewed as a legitimate alternative to ‘traditional’ education.

However, in recent years this myth has largely been dispelled, with many parents seeing homeschooling as not only a legitimate but more desirable alternative to formal education.

As schools and colleges all over the country become increasingly crowded and resources become more scarce, parents all over the country are choosing to take their children out of school and teach them at home instead.

The one-size-fits-all public school system isn’t for everybody. Whether you are already a veteran homeschooler or are thinking about making the change; we’ve put together a list of the top benefits of homeschooling for you to consider.


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Learning from home not only gives you the freedom to create your own timetable but also allows you to save time by cancelling out the need to travel to and from school. With traditional break times and lunchtime restrictions out the window, you can take advantage of longer break times and create a study plan that suits your unique learning style.

Focused Attention

Whether you are being homeschooled by your parents or a homeschool tutor, homeschooling means that you most likely will engage in one-to-one learning. You no longer have to compete for the teacher’s attention. Your parents or tutor will be able to provide you with the support and guidance you need to ensure no stone is left unturned in your studies.

Studies have shown time and time again that students learn better on a 1:1 basis. Learning outside the classroom gives students a better opportunity to have their questions answered. More time can be spent on problem areas and learning can be personalized to the individual student. Homeschooling offers more flexibility than a public school education and often provides a much-needed confidence boost for school-aged children. So if you need help with homeschooling ? Join Mandala World Academy K-12 education program, they offer high quality, unique curriculum opportunities to our students, as well as strengthen their critical thinking skills, and develop lasting pathways to learning.

Monitored Progress

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In most cases, homeschoolers receive the undivided attention of their teacher. This means your learning process will be far more tailored to your unique learning needs in comparison to public school education. With 1:1 teaching your tutor/parent can easily monitor your progress, identify areas that you need to focus on, and harbor your improvement by tailoring your learning to tackle any weaknesses in your knowledge.

Unique requirements are accounted for

If you are working with your parents they probably know you better than anyone else. Equally, if you are learning with a homeschooling tutor your teacher will work closely with you to understand your individual requirements and learning style. Whether you simply prefer learning from home, have disabilities, special educational needs or social anxiety homeschooling can provide students with a safe and accommodating learning environment.

Goodbye School Run

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Some children simply aren’t morning people. With homeschooling, there is no longer the need to find a clean uniform, gobble down breakfast, and run out the door. Homeschooling adds time to your day allowing you the freedom to focus on other areas of development and activities outside of studying that you might not otherwise have time for.

Without the time restrictions of a mainstream school schedule, homeschooling families have time to go to museums, galleries and events when other kids are at school. Not only does this mean children have more time to get immersed in the culture, but it means you can avoid the crowds that descend on these places on the weekends and during school holidays.


The main objection to homeschooling is traditionally the lack of social interaction and opportunities on offer for homeschooled children. This however is no longer the case. Homeschoolers have just as many opportunities to socialize as other school children. With Facebook groups, online forums, and extracurricular activities there are more ways than the classroom to make friends whilst learning from home.

Children might like to take advantage of the local dance school, amateur dramatic society, or football club. Through extracurricular clubs and activities, homeschooled children are free to make friends with other children who share the same interests as them. This is particularly important for children who might have experienced bullying in mainstream schooling, as they can separate socializing from school and build positive, lasting friendships on their own terms.


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Homeschooling can allow more time for the activities you love the most. With the added flexibility that homeschooling offers you, you can take part in classes, our activities that may not be offered at school. Horse riding, hiking, or surfing are just a few of the fun examples that could easily fit into a homeschooling regime.


Children who are homeschooled are often more mature and independent young people. Children are often left to conduct their own studies, research material that interests them, and creates learning experiences that speak to their own needs.

If you are homeschooled you are more likely to feel comfortable to ask questions, go over problem areas until they are solved, and tackle your studies unaided for a portion of the time. As a result, homeschoolers often display more confidence in their knowledge as well as a higher degree of independent thinking, logic, and reasoning skills.

Time to Enjoy Life

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Homeschoolers have time to explore their city, visit museums and develop their passions whilst others are locked into the regimented school system. They often gain work experience with part-time jobs that fit around their schedule and can adapt their learning to accommodate a variety of events, holidays, and activities that a traditional school schedule doesn’t allow for.


Whether you choose to use affordable homeschool tuition from sites like TutorHouse or are learning with a parent, homeschooling can sometimes be a money-saving option. Homeschooling is certainly cheaper than the private school system and offers the benefit of 1:1 teaching. Homeschoolers can save money on travel expenses, school fundraisers and pricey school trips, and uniforms.

If homeschooling appeals to you or you would like to learn more about how your or your child can benefit from stepping away from the public school system, visit Tutor House and a member of the team will be able to advise you on whether Homeschooling is the step in the right direction.

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