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The 5 Undeniable Benefits of Online Customer Reviews

According to various consumer studies, nearly 60% of consumers will select a business based on positive online reviews. Reputation marketing is something that has had a huge impact on the way we do business nowadays. Businesses are slowly starting to see the benefits of getting positive online reviews from their customers. Customer satisfaction is a key focus for many businesses nowadays. More so because a happy customer will usually result in a positive review/rating.

Reputation marketing first started when Google started showing stars on SERPs. More stars result in more people opening a link that is shown on Google. Consumers nowadays have the option of checking reviews for a set business, and that greatly makes up the decision on whether to engage in business or not.

Below we will tell you about the 5 undeniable benefits of online reviews for your business.

It Ranks Your Business Higher on Google

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The first undeniable benefit of online reviews is that it helps rank your business higher on Google searches. Various studies were performed on what influences search ranking, and the results showed that rankings and reviews were the 5th major ranking factor. Online reviews can help a website rank much higher on Google SERPs, and it’s a strategy that many are starting to implement.

Reviews Improve Click-Through Rates

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Your main goal is to have Googlers click on your link whenever it appears on Google searches. But not everyone opens your link, and studies have found that more people will click your link if it had positive reviews & star rankings.

Having positive reviews and high star rankings generates more CTR, more than organic search results. Studies also show that having a 3+ star rankings and 70% positive reviews has a positive impact on your CTR.

Online Reviews Build Trust or Destroy Trust

A clear example of how devastating it could be to invest or buy a service from someone before checking their reviews would be in the case of AgoraFinancialReviews. Negative reviews can help shed light and point out the flaws in a business. Negative reviews are a reflection of the company itself. They destroy trust and diminish a company, which is entirely its own fault for advertising and offering a faulty business product to its customers.

On the other hand, positive reviews build trust and help you in the decision-making process. Positive reviews are a reflection of how well-run the business in question is, and that’s why you always check for online reviews before buying a specific type of product or service.

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Reviews Improve Landing Page Conversions

More clicks on organic rankings mean more clicks on your paid ads. This is something called conversion rates, and it’s something that digital marketing focuses on greatly. Positive reviews positively impact businesses’ landing page conversions.

Both Positive and Negative Online Reviews Helps Improve Your Business

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If you have a few negative online reviews, take the time off your busy schedule to address them directly. If you find a specific problem reoccurring with one of your products or services, then that means there’s a systematic problem that you should evaluate immediately.

Once you start evaluating the problem and find a solution to it, you can move on forward and point out to your customers that the problem has been solved. This will improve the somewhat tarnished reputation of your business.

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