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Exercise Tips for Pregnancy in 2024

Physical activity is very important during pregnancy. We know that most women would rather choose to stay at home in front of a TV. Logically, each woman has less strength in this period. She feels more tired than usual. However, this doesn’t have anything to do with physical strength. It …

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Best Vitamins During Pregnancy

Proper nutrition, which will provide the nutrients much needed for the health of the mother as well as for the baby’s development, is extremely important in pregnancy. Future moms do not have to eat for two at the beginning of pregnancy, as most say when they hear you’re pregnant, but …

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Pregnant Women and Addiction- What are the Risks for the Babies and Solutions for the Mothers?

Being pregnant isn’t easy in the U.S. From the moment she’s announcing her pregnancy, the attention shifts toward the health of the baby, which can be problematic for women dealing with addiction. Is opioid addiction common amongst pregnant women? Sadly, a third of Americans know a person who dealt with …

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