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Do Dental Implants Discolor? Know how to Take Care of your Dental Implants

Getting dental implants in Singapore could be your best way of restoring missing or severely damaged teeth. They guarantee you a reliable natural-looking teeth restoration that is durable and can last well over 30 years. Even though dental implants provide patients with a durable, natural-looking finish, one question that bothers …

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8 Ways to Strengthen Your Gum and Teeth

Good oral hygiene is required to keep your teeth and gums safe. It includes activities such as twice a day brushing and daily dental check-ups. However, oral hygiene is more than cavities and gum disease. Analysis has shown there is a correlation between the wellbeing of a person’s mouth and …

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Unveiling the Different Types of Bacteria Present in the Mouth

The mouth is home to numerous different types of bacteria, which can vary depending on the individual’s oral hygiene habits. While some bacteria are beneficial, others can lead to dental issues such as cavities and gum disease. Understanding the various types of bacteria present in the mouth, their functions, and …

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