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Making Results of Credit Scoring Transparent Without Compromising Security

Nowadays, the most common problem of scoring is that not everyone can quickly interpret the results that the model produced. A complex algorithm examines dozens of factors in dynamics, and hardly anyone can immediately see and understand what it’s all about. The article describes an algorithm that explains in natural …

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Pattern Recognition in Machine Learning

The technology is improving almost every day. We often hear that experts developed a new invention that can improve all aspects of our lives. That is the main reason why living in the 21st century is great. Many people will say that the 21st century is a machine learning era. …

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Web 3.0 and What It Means to Content Marketing

What we know as the World Wide Web is just over three decades old. Over the last 30+ years, the Web has evolved quite a bit. We are now on the verge of what is being called Web 3.0, which is to say the third generation of web technology. Needless …

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