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5 Industries that Have Been Revolutionized by Smartphones

Smartphones have transformed almost every aspect of our lives. The mobile devices have dramatically changed communication, entertainment and how we process information. There are now 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide. This figure is set to continue to grow as more industries rely on the devices. This article will look at …

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Sony Buys Into “Fortnite” Creators

There’s a very old saying in the world of business, which is that if you can’t beat someone, you should join them. Sony appears to be taking that approach to its business arrangements with other gaming companies, because they’ve just announced a massive investment in Epic Games; the company best …

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Is It Possible To Consider Live TV Or Radio News As Primary Data?

The main objective of any research is to look for a reliable and unbiased answer to a particular research question. For this objective to be accomplished, researchers have the duty of gathering different data and analyzing them to proffer a solution to the research problem. Typically, data collection is one …

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