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10 Original Trendy Fonts to Try in 2024

Just as every human has a specific writing style, you can find hundreds of fonts on the internet, magazines, book covers, etc.; the main inspiration seems to be drawn from the fact that every individual has his writing style. But above all, it is a form of art that is …

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For Font Sake – How to make The Right First Impression In the New Normal New – Business World

As we all know it’s tough in the business world now but one resource you can use cost-effectively could be right at your fingertips and that’s email. A recent study shows that email open rates have jumped by nearly five percent from the previous year and at the same time, …

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Designing a Marketing Brochure Tips – Here’s what you need to know

Brochures are some of the best ways that you can advertise your products or services, and if they are made the correct way, your customers will enjoy reading them. Designing a brochure is not very easy, and it takes some skill and practice before you’ll be able to do it …

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