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Is Fishing a Sport or a Hobby?

One of the most frequent discussions between fishermen around the globe is, ‘Is fishing a sport or a hobby?’ This question you will find asked nearly daily across the internet. There is no definitive answer as it can be both a hobby and a sport. Terry Dempsey, championship angler and …

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Top Reasons Why You Should Want To Visit Alaska in 2024

Alaska is well-known as ‘Last Frontier’ for its rugged climate and landscape. Also, it is the only US state located on the continent of North America compared to the lower 48 states. People may tend to think of Alaska as a freezing tundra place filled with glaciers, icebergs, mountains, and …

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Why You Should Try Fishing Trips in 2024

Fishing is one of the most admired outdoor recreations. It is also a main part of the economy for several countries having the edge of the oceans by their sides. Other than financial benefits there can be various reasons why people learn fishing. People have their unique fishing experiences. More …

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4 Tips for Using Jigs with Your Crappie Rod (2024)

jig head for a crappie rod

When it comes to targeting the delicious Crappie fish, using a jig is a widely used and highly efficient method. Nevertheless, jig fishing may appear straightforward, but it can be surprisingly tricky. Fortunately, there are several techniques that you can employ to enhance your Crappie fishing experience. Of course, you …

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Why You Should Go on a Fishing Trip to Destin, Florida?

If you are a person who loves fishing, then you are perfectly aware of the feeling of being on an open sea and waiting for a big catch to appear. Surely, for those people, this is one of the best experiences they can have during their lifetime. It doesn’t really …

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