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10 Ways Ancient Civilisations Used Cannabis

What do you think of first when somebody mentions cannabis? For many people, the answer is still the hippy movements of the ’60s and ’70s. Cannabis feels like a modern thing, but civilisations have been using the plant in ingenious ways for thousands of years. We’ve got together five examples …

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What are Extended Deep-Dish Doors on Cotton-Pickers?

Cotton pickers are a major piece of machinery for cotton farmers across the country and the world. Cotton remains in high demand for clothing and household goods, and cotton farmers must stay on top of the latest and greatest agriculture technology and machinery to maintain productivity on their property. Any …

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10 Things You Should Know About the Environment and Sustainable Agriculture

Industrial agriculture was considered an essential resource for a rapidly growing world in the past. With the help of chemical pesticides, plant hybrids, and synthetic fertilizers, people tried to solve the problem of hunger and ensure economic prosperity. Agricultural production has more than tripled during the last 70 years. It …

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