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The Role of Pornography in Couples’ Sex

The Role of Pornography in Couples' Sex

One topic that sparks debate and calls for more research into the nature of human sexuality is the place of pornography in the context of couples’ sex lives. Thanks to technological developments, couples now have more options for expressing their desires, strengthening their bond, and exploring their aspirations, thanks to …

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Future of Fantasies ─ Trends in Erotic Tech and Their Healthy Implications

In a world that continually surges forward, our intimate desires seek solace in the intricate dance of technology and sensuality. The future beckons with promise, as advancements in erotic technology not only fuel our fantasies but also harbor profound implications for mental well-being and societal inclusivity. Dive into this tantalizing …

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When Should You Tell Your Partner about Your Sexual Fantasies

Sometimes, we are afraid to admit some of our secret sexual fantasies even to ourselves, and to share them with your partner by uttering them out loud, in most cases, is out of the question. An open conversation about sex almost always puts us in a vulnerable position, especially if …

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