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The Importance of Rural Electrification

Urban residents experience a constant electricity supply that contributes to their everyday operations & simple or complex habits. They cannot imagine living without it, which is why every household is properly equipped with the right & needed level of electrical tools & power. On the other hand, some areas have …

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Energy-Efficient Upgrades at Every Price Point

The cost of living today is sky-high. As the cost of groceries, gas, and housing continues to pinch wallets, many homeowners are looking for ways to cut back. Making your home more energy efficient can help you save money, plus it’s good for the environment. No matter where you live …

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Is Electricity Too Expensive in Texas, USA – 2024 Study

It is no secret that summers in Texas are extremely hot, but what many might not know is that these high temperatures affect Texans in more ways than one. Besides the potential for heat exhaustion and sunburn, soaring temperatures hit many in the wallet, leaving many residents to deal with …

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