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Is Bitcoin a Hedge or a Beacon in Crisis Management?

In a world marked by economic uncertainties and geopolitical tensions, the role of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, has been a topic of extensive debate. As the digital currency continues to gain prominence, questions arise about whether it serves as a hedge against economic crises or a beacon of financial inclusion in …

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When will Manufacturing Recover?

The speed of recovery of financial markets is the subject of discussion by many economic experts dealing with this topic. For now, there is no general view on how the crisis caused by the virus pandemic will end or at what pace the recovery will go. Addressing the very cause …

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What Is VoIP and How Can It Help Your Business During the Corona Crisis?

Communication in business is fast-evolving. Now more so than ever. And the current coronavirus crisis has thrown our capacity for digital communication starkly into focus, as business life has abruptly shifted online. The options are boundless. Messaging platforms, video conferences, a wide array of social media, AI-driven technologies like chatbots, …

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