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How Tech Can Help Us All Make A Positive Impact on Climate Change 

Everybody is talking about Climate Change these days. It seems that the topic has gathered enough momentum to reach a tipping point. Climate activists, such as Greta Thunberg and scientists who are at the forefront of the Climate Crisis awareness movement, are calling for radical change in the way we …

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Seaweed Farming To Fight Climate Change

Scientific evidence suggests that seaweed farming combats the devastating effects of climate change. By absorbing CO2 emissions, offsetting acidification, and creating underwater ecosystems to support life, seaweed farming is an industry set to revolutionize the world. This miraculous plant is not only helping the planet to breathe again but is …

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Different Types of Test Chambers And Their Usage

Products require testing on various factors before they are put into commercial production. Product testing is a process in which importance cannot be overestimated enough. If products are not tested, then they can turn out faulty or defective in the hands of consumers. There are multiple drawbacks if this happens. …

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