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The Different Types of Childhood Trauma and Their Effects – 2024 Guide

A frightening, hazardous, violent, or life-threatening incident that happens to a child up to 18 years of age is referred to as childhood trauma. This is a very serious situation that might have long-term implications and thus needs to be taken care of very delicately. When a child has these …

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Are You Coping with After-Shock from Narcissistic Parenting? – 2024 Guide

People suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder constitute about 2% to 16% of the world’s clinical population, making it difficult for both the person living with it and those around them. This can be especially difficult if they are parents struggling to figure out what is best for a child. A …

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How Can Children Learn by Playing? – 2024 Guide

Learning by playing – it is something every child does until we put them to school where they start learning actively. However, learning by playing has so many benefits and this is the way for kids to get themselves familiar with the world around them. That is why it is advisable …

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