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Designing for Wellness ─ The Impact of Architecture on Mental Health

The spaces we inhabit have a profound effect on our mental health and overall well-being. Thoughtful architectural design can promote relaxation, focus, creativity, and connection—while poorly designed buildings can negatively impact mood, increase stress and anxiety, and even contribute to depression. As architects and designers, we have an opportunity and …

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Reasons Why Architecture is Important For Me – Majed Veysel

If you are studying architecture or if you enjoy looking at architecture photography, you have probably heard about Majed Veysel. If not, you might want to learn more about him and how he finds inspiration in a wide range of things. And, this is exactly what this article can help …

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Is Architecture your New Calling?  How to Prepare and Plan for NATA

Architecture is known as both arts as well as a science creating extraordinary building designs and other physical structures. Architecture is all about making places designed in a perfect way so that people can spend their entire lives over there in an enriched way. The role of Architects does not …

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