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7 Most Common Symptoms of low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for men. It impacts the way men look and it has a significant influence on the behavior. The most intense production of testosterone occurs during puberty and that is when the impact of this hormone is the most visible. Libido increases, the hair growth gets more intense, the voice deepens and the boy starts becoming a man. It is a time of turmoil and it is very obvious.

Later on, it slowly declines. However, in some cases, the drop in testosterone levels can be caused by other reasons and that can be recognized based on the symptoms that the person notices. Keep reading to find out more about the signs that should alarm you so you can seek treatment.

Decreased libido

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Healthy men have normal libido and are very interested in the activities in the bedroom. That is completely expected. On the other hand, men who experience issues with testosterone levels will notice a drastic drop in the sex drive. It will be quite noticeable and should be a red flag to seek help and treatment. Make sure you ask your doctor about the possible treatments that you can use to start feeling better. If you wish to find out more about the medications, you will find it here.

One issue directly related to the libido is the difficulty to perform well. Men with low T have a problem achieving and maintain an erection which can cause severe issues on the mental health of a man and impact the overall self-confidence. However, there are a number of things that can impact you concerning this particular thing, such as excessive use of alcohol, smoking, stress, anxiety, depression, diabetes, thyroid issues, high cholesterol, or blood pressure. It is necessary to get yourself checked regularly and be honest about your issues with the doctor, so you can get the treatment you need.

Hair loss

One of the many roles of testosterone is to support hair growth. Noticing that you are losing hair excessively shouldn’t be ignored. Even though genetics plays a significant role in this, it is still regulated to a certain extent by the testosterone level. It is definitely worth checking because low T can be regulated by the proper treatment. This is why it is necessary to consult a doctor and find the right approach that will be fruitful.

Constant fatigue

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If you used to have lots of energy, but you suddenly notice the huge drop in energy you have throughout the day, you should check why is this happening because one of the possible causes is low T. Of course, if you are doing physically demanding work that will have a direct impact on the degree of overall exhaustion. However, it is necessary to monitor excessive fatigue when there is no apparent reason because it may be caused directly by this hormone. In the cases when you are sleeping 8 hours during the night and wake up tired that should be your cue to seek help.

Excessive body fat

Men are masculine and usually have a low level of body fat. This applies of course when the balance of the hormone levels is right. However, when the balance gets disrupted, men can start noticing enlarged breast tissue and more body fat than usual. That is not something that should be ignored because it is a red flag to seek help from a doctor and get the appropriate treatment.

Sleeping issueS

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This is one of the symptoms that may alarm you to go check your hormone levels, but people usually ignore it for a long time. The reason why this happens is that people will usually start justifying it with stress or anything else related to outside factors such as a bed or a pillow. However, if your bed is just fine and you keep spinning and waking up all night long, that can become an issue in the long run. While some people have trouble falling asleep, others struggle with the issues to stay asleep. Some men may even struggle with sleep apnea, which can make things much more complicated.

Muscle mass decrease

Testosterone is the main hormone that impacts muscle mass in men. If you have been working on building your muscle mass but without success, you should know that if the level of testosterone goes below the expected level for your age, you will experience issues. With the proper treatment, that can be resolved, so it is important to work on tackling the issue, so you can enjoy having the body you want.

Mood swings and hot flashes

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This is the symptom that is usually related to women and the period when they are going through menopause. However, in the same way, those symptoms are directly related to hormones, men can experience these symptoms too when there is a drop in the hormone levels. This is why men can start experiencing night sweats and hot flashes, but also fluctuations in mood directly related to the unstable levels of hormones. Low T can even cause depression in men and significantly disrupt the everyday functioning of men. However, this happens only in cases when the drop is too severe. It is rare in milder cases.

Men sometimes have a problem admitting that they are struggling with something. However, it is important to know that there are numerous ways how this health problem can be resolved, so you can again enjoy your life and don’t be afraid of being intimate with your partner because you are too worried about your difficulties. We cannot influence how will our body behave, but we can help it with the proper medications to achieve its full potential. With the progress in the medical treatments, significant results are being achieved on a daily basis. It is only necessary to monitor your symptoms and follow the treatment well, so you can see the result you have been waiting for.

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