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Talking Early AFC Contenders Super Bowl LV Predictions

If you’re a football fan then you must be excited and already waiting for the end of this year and the start of next year. As the 2024 NFL regular season is starting to get to its final stretch it doesn’t hurt anyone to start talking about the postseason and why not the Super Bowl. Super Bowl LV is slated to be played on Sunday Feb 7th in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, the house of Tom Brady’s Buccaneers. For all of you wondering which team right now holds the best Super Bowl odds check BetUS sportsbook and let’s talk some football.

Yes, yes this season has been an odd one to say the least with all the restrictions that teams and fans have had to deal with in order to have pro football in swing but that shouldn’t stop sports betting fans from looking at who holds the best odds to walk away with the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season. There are teams that just look poised for a great postseason run, while others could be considered sleepers right now but that could very well light a fire and take off when the time comes. Let’s break this down.


Buffalo Bills

Who has one of the best defenses in the NFL right now? The Buffalo Bills. Who has one of the best secondaries in the NFL right now? Buffalo. Who has one of the best QB and WR’s units in the NFL right now? Yes, say it, Buffalo. Josh Allen, with a cannon for an arm being accompanied by former Vikings stud Steffon Diggs, and John Brown have made it a point to make Bills football something to love to watch again. Add to that Tre’Davious White, one of the best if not the best cornerbacks in the league and a veteran like loud mouth in your face Josh Norman to back him up and thinking of beating Buffalo with a passing game is not really the smartest choice on the board.

If you need any further proof of just how good the Bills are, their last two regular season performances against division rivals Patriots and Dolphins can give you a better idea of what’s up with the Bills. If any more proof is needed, their win against the Colts in the wild card round is just giving an AFC Championship showdown between Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes II has all the fixings to be an epic matchup, especially if they can take down Lamar Jackson’s Ravens in their divisional matchup.

If the Bills and their already premier defense can manage to cancel out Lamar Jackson then that’s half of the victory in itself. Bills Mafia fans can only sit and hope, for now, they have to take down those kids from Baltimore, yeah Lamar’s team, the Ravens.

Kansas City Chiefs

Talk about a team that knows how to use their championship status for good. The Chiefs are still playing like a Super Bowl poised team and with Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill forming one of the absolute best offensive units in the league it’s hard to not count them as favorites. If anything could hurt the Chiefs on their way to Tampa Bay is a defensive and secondary unit that can’t hold their own in the same level as the offense, but with Andy Reid’s masterfulness in football, he can make his defense become stellar again.

While Mahomes and company are poised for yet another Super Bowl run there’s probably one factor they weren’t really taking into consideration here. The fact they’ll have to face a Baker Mayfield led Browns team that is looking like they want to finally give the city of Cleveland the joy of having a team go to the Super Bowl. If I’m the Chiefs my mind would be set on finding a way to shut down Mayfield, Chubb and Hunt and also try to find the super human strength to stop Myles Garrett, after that it should all be easy playing, especially with a guy like Patrick Mahomes II calling the shots.

Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson is the human football-playing version of a perfect video game character. The man can do things that leave sports betting fans thrilled, confused, and wanting more down after down. His performance against the Titans in their wildcard game should be a definite mark of how much one player with a true desire to win can do. Add to that a Baltimore team who is known for being a ground and pound squad who is known for playing every down to the highest intensity and then you have a true threat.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they have to face Josh Allen’s Bills in their divisional matchup I would comfortably put the Ravens in the AFC championship game, to say the least. Baltimore’s defense and especially its secondary needs to put on an amazing performance against Allen, Diggs, Brown, Singletary and company in order to take the Ravens over the top, if not and Allen is allowed to hit his targets at will then call the game already.

Sleeper: Cleveland Browns

Yes, I’m not mistaken, I will give the Browns as much credit as credit is due. Baker Mayfield and company have taken it upon themselves to show Browns fans that losing is not cool anymore when winning is an option. If you don’t want to believe the hype just watch the first half of the stomping they put on the heavily favorite Pittsburgh Steelers in their wild card matchup. While the Steelers were already thinking themselves in the divisional round game, the Browns clearly took notice of that, and as Michael Jordan in “The Last Dance”, they took it personally. Baker Mayfield put on some stellar numbers and Cleveland’s running game, Kareem Hunt, in particular, took Pittsburgh to town.

You can’t love an underdog story and if the underdog title ever fits anyone best the Browns are the right suitors. While their division game rivals Chiefs have the hopes of doing another successful Super Bowl run I would seriously take into account the beating they put on the Steelers. Yes, it was a thing of talent, but anybody who watched that game can agree that the Browns’ heart and desire to win was all over the place and if they come into their game against the Chiefs riding on that, then Kansas City should be getting ready for an all-out battle.

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