9 Summer Boating Safety Tips You Need to Know

Although it may not seem like it, traffic accidents on water are common. As dangerous as road traffic is, water traffic is just as dangerous.

And when summer comes, we all try to find the first thing that will cool us down. For some it’s air conditioning, for some it’s a swimming pool, and for some, it’s a boat. We will agree that there is nothing better than a boat and good company to make your day beautiful

Although boating is a fun way to enjoy a summer day, safety must always be kept in mind. Unfortunately, sharks aren’t your only enemies in the water. This is exactly why we have written a few tips on how to take care of your own and other people’s safety on the boat and in the water.

So let’s get started!

1. First aid

You must be wondering what is the first thing you can do to ensure safety. While there are many things you can bring on board that we’ll talk about later, there are also a few safe items that will help you overcome the fears of a day on deck.

For starters, you can take a first aid course that will teach you how to deal with crisis situations. What is certain is that you will make sure that if someone gets sick or injured, you can always help them.

2. Check before departure


Don’t forget to check the basics before you go. In order not to leave out some mandatory items, we have made a list of necessary things that you must have:

  • Documents
  • Life jackets
  • Navigation (compass, map, GPS)
  • First aid kit
  • Backfire flame arrestor
  • Sound producing device and visual distress signals
  • Navigation lights
  • Tool kit
  • Spare battery
  • Food and water

3. Weather conditions

Always check the weather. This is an important thing that can easily put you in an unsafe situation. It would be a good idea to check the weather before departure and every hour. Pay attention to the wind and clouds. The weather changes easily, so you don’t want to put yourself in danger by not paying attention. Storms can be a very dangerous thing, as well as other weather conditions when riding a boat.

And, remeber, if you’re sailing on the river and you get caught in a storm – don’t run. Throw an anchor near the shore, get out of the boat, and wait for it to pass. That’s how you survive.

4. Life Jackets

Although we have already mentioned that it is necessary to have life jackets on board, it is important to highlight its function.  The name tells you that these jackets are meant to save your life. So, in case of bad weather and in case of danger, it is good to have this thing on board.

There will always be people who are unsure of their swimming abilities. On the label, you will find all the necessary information about the size and use. Although if you are not sure that you can take care of your safety, there are companies that organize courses for you like

5. Say No to Alcohol


Alcohol is a great thing when you want to have fun and relax. But there are downsides to consuming alcohol. One of these things is inattention. And if you don’t pay attention when steering the boat, you can easily endanger your life and the lives of others.

Also, just like when driving a car and consuming alcohol, this thing is punishable by law. So avoid alcohol when on board.

6. Inspect your boat

Make sure everything is working before you leave. Check how much fuel you have. Also, make sure your engine is in good condition. These are all things you need to pay attention to before each departure. If you break down in the middle of the water or run out of fuel, you will hardly be able to notify that you need help unless you have brought all the necessary things that we have listed. So take care of these things in time.

7. Location

If you have just learned how to operate a boat, it would be best to pay attention to which locations you choose to drive. If you are unsure of your skills, always choose places you are familiar with.

For example, always avoid places that are not spacious because it will be more difficult to steer the ship. In order to avoid any danger, do not break the speed rules. In this traffic there are rules that must be followed, so don’t break them to avoid endangering yourself and others, as well as causing accidents.

8. Planning is the key


Another thing you can do to make sure you take all the measures is to plan well. Just like in life, it pays to plan on a boat.

If you plan everything well you will not have to worry. Organize your route well. Make sure you do all the things on this list and you’re ready for a day of fun. And always leave a copy of your plan with your family or friends, so that if they can’t contact you, they can react quickly and perhaps save your life.

9. Make sure you have fun

This is perhaps the most important item on your trip. Don’t forget that you’re here to have fun, but also that a good party doesn’t need alcohol. And what is needed?

You need good company first. It can be your friends or loved ones. And if you don’t like company and prefer to spend time alone, then cross this off your list. The second item on the list is good music. With music, everything is much easier! The third thing is food and plenty of water. Remember to stay hydrated and eat well.


In order to have fun on deck, first of all, you have to be responsible. And as we have already stated, the key to that success is to be responsible and well prepared for any situation.

In this way, you will minimize accidents.

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