Styles of Christian-Themed Jewelry and Tips for Choosing

Clothes play a big role in our lives, as most people want to express their believes, opinions and, of course, style by wearing branded clothes, T-shirts with messages, jeans, dresses, or just a simple blouse. Many would add to this that we are what we wear, and even though not everyone will agree with this statement, it goes without saying that our appearance is of vast importance regarding leaving a good first impression, and for our appearance, what we wear says a lot. Now, we don’t want to complicate things even further, but we simply must add that certain accessories and jewelry are also important, and, for certain pieces of clothing, even a must.


Online shopping is today people’s favorite way of buying new things, even though when there are some special sales, or during Black Friday, we all go on a shopping spree. As for the reasons why this is the case, it’s all about practicality, as you can look for a dress even while on a bus, coffee break, or when you are waiting in line. It simply saves us time, and on the other hand, we make the most out of that time we would otherwise spend doing nothing.

What makes Christian-Themed jewelry so popular?


Jewelry-wise, there are many styles to choose from, and, as you may already know, not every piece of jewelry goes perfectly with every dress, for example. Namely, jewelry is made for much more than just to look beautiful, as it also sends a message and showcases your personality and style. That is why many people find Christian jewelry as their to-go option, as for every person, wearing a cross, for example, means something different. It can also help those going through some difficult times or be used as some kind of a reminder. It can also be a great conversational starter, and that meaningfulness is precisely what makes Christian-themed jewelry a unique one but, since there are many pieces of Christian-themed jewelry to choose from, let’s check what styles there are and also offer a tip or two.



Although butterflies are not directly connected to Christianity, also not mentioned in a Bible or any other religious book, they are often associated with resurrection and new life. Butterflies have an amazing life cycle made of more phases, and each of them is better than the previous one, which makes them a perfect symbol of victory and progress. Furthermore, that cycle represents most things the Bible teaches, as you have probably heard that every person has many layers and is made of many things, emotionally and physically, even though the latter one is of much lesser meaning. Each butterfly has three different stages in its life cycle, and it all starts as a caterpillar, the way they are brought to this world, as it becomes a chrysalis after that and finishes its life as a gorgeous butterfly. That makes it one of the favorite symbols for believers, and many of them decide to wear butterflies as something to remind them that there will always be better things in life, and it is worth being patient and waiting for them.

Crosses and Crucifixes


Crosses and crucifixes are probably the first things that many people think about when we mention the Christian’s jewelry. It is the most common symbol, and it can be seen on every piece of jewelry, including bracelets, earrings, rings, and pendants. Charms are the most common because they provide us with the constant feeling of belonging and remind us of our faith, but on the other side, there are people who prefer bracelets or other types of jewelry. Cross and crucifix are not the same things, although many people think that they are, and the crucifix implies an image of Christ on the cross. Although the crucifix represents the death of Christ, for Christians, it is much more, and it represents resurrection and victory over death, which is why many of them choose this symbol.



Angels are one of the most beautiful symbols of Christianity, and every Christian believes that they have their own guardian angel to watch upon them and take care of them all the time. Angels are messengers from heaven and our personal connection with God, so they are commonly worn as a charm to help us during difficult times. The representation of an angel is usually a woman with beautiful wings, but it is not rare to find children with wings because angels are considered the purest of all creatures. Besides all classical pieces of jewelry, angels are often found in the form of brooches and hair accessories, and they are suitable for believers of all ages, and even children gladly wear them, which makes them an ideal choice and even a gift for everyone.



Doves are another important symbol from Bible, and every Christian is knowledgeable about them and their meaning. Their main representation is the Holy Spirit, and they also symbolize innocence and peace, not only in Christianity but also in many other cultures and religions. When it comes to descending doves, they are the representation of Christ’s baptism in the river of Jordan and descending on the Holy Spirit on Him. Doves are an everyday symbol on each part of jewelry, and we can find them in many different varieties, but one thing is certain, they send a strong message and can fit into every style.

The bottom line

These are some of the most popular Christian-themed pieces of jewelry you can find, and even though there are many styles to choose from, the best tip regarding how to choose the best one is mostly about personal preferences and taste. Yes, it all comes up to that, and what makes this jewelry the best is that any style goes great with everything you want to wear. The only thing here is not to wear too many pieces of jewelry, and of course, choose a reliable manufacturer or/and distributer. That is why going to Blink&, for example, is a great way to get both a quality piece of Christian-themed jewelry and at the best price.

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