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How to Style your Uggs

There’s no person in the world who hasn’t heard of ugg boots. Girls and women, but also men and children around the world sometimes can hardly wait for autumn and winter, knowing that they’ll have several long months to use the opportunity to wear their favorite shoes. That’s right – they look bulky, your foot looks like it weighs a few pounds and resembles the paw. But still, despite the lack of femininity, their practicality convincingly brings victory over other features. Not only are they as comfortable as the cloud itself and it’s a pleasure to walk in them, but over time they’ve fought for the status of a rather stylish piece of footwear, despite their ‘ugliness’. And, although they were massively popular some ten years ago, they’re still not given up because of the perfect comfort and warmth they provide.

The trend is repeated in all styles, but a number of rules ensure that these boots need to be worn in acceptable combinations. Because of this, all those who have such a pair in their shoe closet will most likely be interested in hearing a few golden rules for properly combining this detail with the rest of the outfit.

Combining with leather and fur

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Sounds powerful, doesn’t it? And, well, if you still don’t have a pair of chic leather leggings or pants, run to the store and choose at least one – believe us, you definitely won’t regret it. Since these are mostly tight pieces of clothing that perfectly follow the line of the hips and legs, they’ll be perfect for combining with uggs, just as is the case with skinny jeans. There are absolutely no failures with this combo. Just a few details, plus a couple of lovely pieces of jewelry, and you’ll already look absolutely trendy and as if you have invested hours and hours in your look. When, in fact, you only used a few minutes to put the wardrobe on.

Irresistible leather shirts, which have been a favorite of many Hollywood stars lately, also come into consideration, as well as the everyday detail of ladies’ outfits around the world. With jeans, depending on the color, you can also wear them with this kind of boots and look absolutely stunning.

Fluffy oversized, but also short vests or coats made of faux fur are another option worth considering – only a cup of coffee to take away, and you’re ready to lounge around the city in the style of a fashion icon. The secret is in the wool part – its consistency and looks go so well with fur. And, by the way, the choice of such pieces with the wool on the top is available in many shapes – offers the ones with buttons, ribbons, pom-poms and so many other lovely additional details.

Autumn vivid style

Although they’re mostly practical for use in winter, when we need to warm our feet and protect them from the cold, impatient individuals take them out of their shoe closets with the first signs of autumn. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, since it’s absolutely sweet to match them with fall pieces of clothing.

When we say this, in the first place we mean various cuts and designs of sweaters with beautiful, colorful, and vivid patterns. Warm colors are one of the most common features of this style – you just need to keep in mind the color of the boots as well, although with gray, brown, and black there’s never a miss. You can turn to patterns in several colors or cute one-color sweaters. Knitted or crocheted, shorter or longer, with V-neck or O-neck… you’re the master of your decisions. Build your manner of wearing in a way that best reflects your character – it’ll surely contribute to making you feel pleasant in your own skin.

Add them to tracksuit outfit

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It may sound a bit strange to some, but this mix is exactly what adds even more comfort, while not deviating from the rules. The tracksuits are soft, pleasant to wear, and in many loose, wide, and oversized. However, regardless of whether they’re like that or tight, you can always pull the lower parts into the boots, which will contribute even more to the warmth and snugness.

Although something like this seemed like an absolute and complete failure and a horribly ugly sight, it seems that some still found a certain charm in it, since people often wear it that way nowadays. Celebrities like Rihanna, for example, wear this combo in public without any problems, and it’s well known that celebrities often dictate fashion. So it should come as no surprise that this has become fashionable and acceptable – however, how attractive it looks is a pure matter of taste.

Pair them with a dress – but not the mini one

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We can often see girls wearing uggs with mini skirts and dresses. However, this length is not at all appropriate in this combination as much as it’s thought and as it may seem. Not only that, but knee-length skirts are not the happiest choice either. The reason for that lies in the somewhat strange look of the upper, wool-lined part of the boot which doesn’t fit that specific look and seems quite inappropriate. Therefore, it’s a much better option to match it with long skirts or dresses, or, if you really want to wear something short, with shorts.

As for the options that come into consideration, boho-style dresses, thin dresses with long sleeves, as well as long sweaters that look like tunics are quite a nice thing to look for. Under them, you can wear tights or thinner leggings, but also add a cool scarf of the convenient color and pattern around the neck as a fashion accessory.

Use them only for casual occasions, not for a night out

Just as you may have noticed from the previous suggestions, ugg boots were created to complement casual outfits, which aren’t reserved for festive occasions and nightlife. All these combinations are suitable only for daily variants, for coffee with friends, shopping in malls, or wandering around the city, but you shouldn’t use them if you need to dress up for a special event.

In such cases, it’s best to replace them with sandals or other kinds of shoes or boots. The shape itself is unsuitable for elegant pieces of clothing and therefore it has a place exclusively where it fits in with other parts of the look. Also, they shouldn’t be combined with any clothes that cover the smart style – not glamorous and will not contribute positively to the overall impression.

Now that you have at least some roadmaps on how best to use and fit these cute boots with your wardrobe, it’s simple to make your own choices. Find a special way by assembling the pieces of this puzzle and build your own chic style that everyone will envy you for and ask you about.

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