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9 Strategies That Improve Your SAT Writing Score In 2024

SAT writing has been very important in the admission and assessment of the students in various colleges and universities. It’s a great contributor to everyone’s academic life as well as a professional journey. Its emergence and popularity demand that you improve the SAT writing score. This will expose and allow you to explore more about educational life. Do not forget that the SAT is set to assess the student’s ability to solve the problem in a more practical way. Improving your writing score can be as easy as it sounds and as hard as you think; therefore, it depends on your capability and enthusiasm. Otherwise, in this article, I am pleased to present various confirmed and legit strategies to improve your writing score. A score ranging from 600 should be your target, as this will increases your chances of joining better colleges and universities.

Be Familiar With The Required SAT Format

According to, this strategy acts as the baseline of everything; before you wonder how to improve your score, ask yourself about the current and applicable format. There has been a dynamic change in the formats over some time. Therefore, this calls for your attention on the same; it will help in knowing how to answer questions.  Remember, the first and foremost hint to improve your SAT writing is to know when and where your question is right. The question on whether you have answered the question right or wrong comes later. On the same note, don’t forget that good and correct answers when misplaced make no sense. Never underestimate the importance and significance of the formats. In the end, improving your score is the main focus.

Understand The Rules Of SAT

You are required to know the rules and the conditions that govern the whole test. The most crucial thing in writing SAT is knowing the set boundaries in terms of grammar. Grammar and general rules of the SAT will determine your score; it’s therefore recommended and advisable that you be familiar with such regulations. Adherence to set standards is directly proportional to a good score; this ranges sentence structure to simple punctuation. The principle of improvement is, doing things correctly, and this is not limited to writing improvement. You should be able to distinguish types of grammatical articulation, and the variety of responses required. Some examples of the SAT grammar rules that you need to understand are listed below.

  • Selection of the appropriate word based on the desired context
  • Limit the number of words used. Short sentences and that are straight to the point are preferred; remember this is a test a narrative piece.
  • The consistency in the usage of verb and tenses, adherence to this rule will improve your score in SAT writing in the sense that be definite and the appearance of your writing.

Be Careful On The Choice Of Answers You Choose

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When writing your SAT writing, this section will communicate a lot more than other parts. The teacher or the instructor will be able to gauge you according to the choice of answers you give, remember the SAT to measure, and assess your capability concerning certain topics and subjects.  It then confirms that your choice of words and answers is paramount. Never prefer ‘any change’ as your answer, most of such sentence is very cunning and are set to test your analytical capability. Think deeply, most of them are testing grammatical error which is hidden. Enhance and straighten your focus on success and improvement; this will control and calm your anxiety as you do your writing.

Identify And Understand Your Mistakes.

Improving your SAT score means, identification, and rectification of your mistakes as far as SAT writing is concerned. It will help you avoid the same mistakes as you move towards achieving your high score. An individual who can understand and evaluate his mistakes is superior, and his dreams of high scores are valid and relevant. This has been the challenge, and the problem with students who are scoring very lower in SAT writing; they dont review their mistakes. Constant repetition of errors is an accurate indicator that you are not willing to learn and that you are impressed by poor grades. Don’t be like them; this is your chance to explore and find improvement.  Remember that mistakes and errors are indications that you are trying your best and don’t give up on the finishing line of perfection. This brings the sense of asking yourself why you failed; this is the starting point of evaluating your mistakes and improving your score in writing. This can be done through; noting down all the hard sects of questions that you think was hard.

Do More Research

Since the introduction of SAT writing, there has been an ongoing improvement and advancement. For improvement of your score, you need to keep yourself updated on the fundamental of SAT. This calls for digging deeper and going above the ordinary reasoning. High grades and the higher score doesn’t come overnight; it’s your responsibility to ensure all are catered for and that you are doing the required concerning your improvement. You can read more on how to conduct your research from this website.

Be Familiar With What Is Being Tested

This is the mother and foundation of a high score; familiarizing yourself with the topic under testing gives you a certain level of confidence that will help when writing your SAT. Remember, for any percentage of improvement recorded, there must be some attachment to confidence and believing in oneself. It’s factual that whenever you are preparing to go to war, it’s advisable to know more about the enemy you are yet to attack, the same applies here. You need to know the types of arrangement that awaits and the styles that will be required therein. However, simple this strategy might sound; it’s very basic and doesn’t require extra energy.

Be Consistent

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Consistency should be your significant number one to greatness in the field of SAT writing. It would be best if you did not give up despite the failure that might be noted in the journey of achieving a higher score in SAT writing. Remember, the more consistent you towards your success, the more chances of you getting to the top. Daily practice is then suggested and preferred here, the combination of this with keen analysis will yield the required improvement.

Proper Management Of Time

Time is the only resource that cuts across aspects of life, including improving your SAT writing score. This comes after identification and approximation of the time needed for the rest; this will relax your mind witch, in turn, leads to accuracy. Timing yourself is an assured way of improving your score. On the same note, avoid taking much time in questions that you do not understand well, this will block you from attending to the part that you have done correctly.

Change Of Attitude And Mind-Set

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In most cases, fear and negative attitude have a stumbling block in this journey of improving writing scores. Most people undergo blockage of mindset immediately when they hear matters to do with SAT. Remember, mindset and attitude can move mountains, and its high time you upgrade your attitude and erase a negative mindset. Let your mind be calm and collected when taking your SAT writing. This will enhance brain activity and positively impact your reasoning. It will help you to learn faster.

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