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7 Ways to Stay Focused While Working From Home with ADHD

Focus is the most important thing when working, and the level of focus will have the most impact on our productivity levels. You can work for eight hours and still not complete any work if your focus is not on point. On good days and when we’re well-rested, however, only two hours are enough for it.

Humans tend to be more focused when there’s an important task in front of them. The more serious the task, the more focused we usually tend to be. But does the same thing apply to people with ADHD?

In 2024, a lot of people know about ADHD. In fact, this is one of those years where the awareness for certain mental conditions is on a higher level. Quite a few people have ADHD, and most of them don’t even know it. It’s nothing serious, and as long as you have the right tips and tricks, you can overcome it and work just like everyone else. No distractions, just pure productivity.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about all of the ways you can stay focused while working from home with ADHD. If you are willing to learn more, now’s the right time to do so. Let’s take a look.

1. Understand we’re living in the “age of distractions”

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Take it easy on yourself when it comes to being distracted. It’s something that can happen to anyone and it most definitely isn’t easy to remain focused in a time where ads, notifications, and commercials keep everyone on their toes. As soon as our smartphone beeps, we’re so eager to see who messaged us. It’s definitely more difficult to remain focused than it was a few centuries ago when people used to lock themselves into a room with only a candle on the table. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at these interesting things you can do in order to stay more focused, even with ADHD.

2. Organize your tasks in a weekly schedule

The organization is the key for productivity and focus. When you know exactly how much work you have left it’s much easier to stay motivated instead of just thinking that you’re a long way from the finish line, if that makes sense. Waking up each day and knowing how much work you have will help you plan your day. “Now I work, then I eat and then I have just a bit more work and I’m done for the day” is so much better than “I don’t know how much work I have and I have no idea where to start from”. When you’re in a bad mind state like our second example, it’s much easier to lose motivation and get distracted.

3. You have to implement physical activity

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ADHD is not something that you should ignore. Even as an adult. If you are looking to learn more about ADHD in general and how to professionally deal with it, ADHD Associates at is a good place to start. Every medical professional will tell you that physical activity will help you a lot. You don’t have to do it too often or too serious. Just regular activity will help you remain focused because that’s something that trains the mind as well. Discipline is important. You can overcome anything with it.

4. Consider using performance-enhancing stimulators

A lot of people nowadays use stimulants. And no, we’re not talking about drugs, we’re talking about things such as coffee or green tea. You can use natural remedies as well. There’s nothing wrong to remain focused when you want to accomplish a lot of things. It’s impossible to do so with a condition that’s dragging you back down no matter how hard you try. Getting a little help, or should we say a “slight boost” from a stimulant is totally acceptable and perfectly fine.

5. Keep your setup minimal and slick

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If you don’t have tons of distractions on your setup you’ll be able to remain more focused, simple as that. For example, just a keyboard, a monitor, and a mouse is a great way to stay focused on writing. If you have multiple monitors and a TV, speaking from personal experience, you’ll constantly have something to look at, and it’s so easy to get distracted.

6. Inform your friends and family that you have a working schedule

When you’re working from home, it’s easy for others to “not take your working schedule so seriously”. People are coming in and they just start engaging in a conversation with you while you’re working, because they think working from home is not as serious as working from a regular, let’s say “official” environment. Inform everyone about your working schedule and they’ll be more respectful about it. When nobody is talking to you or distracting you while you’re working, it’s so much easier to remain focused. Not that there’s anything wrong with socializing but it shouldn’t be done during working hours for maximum focus.

7. Wake up early to finish work as soon as possible

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Waking up early is something that a lot of productive people practice. And, it’s not just because you have the most energy in the morning. It’s because there’s nobody to distract you from your goals. Why? Because everyone is working at that time, and everything is just peaceful and quiet. Try this a few times and you’ll immediately understand all of the benefits. It’s a great thing to implement in your lifestyle.


We admit it’s not easy staying focused in 2024, especially when there are so many distractions willing to grab our attention and take it somewhere else. Not to mention having mild or more serious ADHD. But, everything can be easily dealt with when you are dedicated enough. In today’s article, we listed seven ways that helped many people in the past, so we hope they’ll help you as well. Don’t be afraid to implement this advice in your routine, or should we say your lifestyle.


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