Does Sonos Use Wi-Fi Or Bluetooth – 2024 Guide

If you are a fan of home cinema, and you want to have a perfect sound – it is clear that you must have a good sound system. Enjoying movies or music will be even greater if you decide to afford a high-quality audio system. Of course, the choice is great today – but many customers opt for proven audio devices and brands, including Sonos. Sonos is a brand known for the quality of portable speakers, but many users are wondering if Sonos use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? You can find out more about this in our 2024 guide.

The Popularity Of Wireless Speakers

When they appeared, wireless speakers attracted a lot of attention from all fans of good sound. Everyone, at least for a moment, wished they had one Wi-Fi or Bluetooth speaker – and many who bought it wanted even more powerful and better. Wireless speakers have a lot to offer their customers, from comfort, simplicity, and portability – to their great quality sound and modern design. Sonos is certainly one of the brands that have stood out within this industry.

Why Choose Sonos Wireless Speakers?


This brand has already become recognizable by compact wireless speakers for home multi-room sound systems – which are small in size but rich in sound. Many audio fans believe that Sonos has one of the richest offers within the modern audio industry. Here we do not mean just the line of audio devices – but also the platform itself that controls the devices and is considered one of the best on the market. Sonos also has the best home theater audio systems and, in general, one of the best wireless speaker offerings. Most of their models have a built-in Wi-Fi connection and control via a smartphone. However, some Bluetooth models are also available. If you are one of those who are still thinking about whether wireless speakers would meet your expectations and whether you should buy a wireless or Bluetooth model – read the text below carefully and decide for yourself.

Sonos Is Recognizable For Wi-Fi Speakers – So Do They Have Bluetooth Models?

Although Sonos is the brand mostly recognizable for its Wi-Fi speakers – that doesn’t mean that they don’t have slightly different things on their offer. Many people are wondering if there are Sonos Bluetooth speaker models. The answer is YES. The well-known Bluetooth model is the Sonos Move – but there is also the Roam, both shaken up the home audio industry scene. Since we know that there are many fans of the Bluetooth option among you, then this could be a good choice. Why? First of all, this is not just a Bluetooth speaker that can play music from your phone. It is actually a portal to the entire audio content of the Internet, which you can control with your phone or tablet.

The speaker itself is quite simple and easily portable. It is the size of a soda can – but with a fairly powerful sound that you can broadcast from various services, and radio stations, and also play existing music from your phone or tablet. You can also find Sonos speakers at very affordable prices – and some web stores such as Sonos in Chile, give you some other benefits when purchasing. So, look online, and find the one that will suit your needs.

What Do You Need To Know If You Opt For Sonos Wi-Fi Speakers?


When buying wireless speakers, customers generally opt for the option that suits them best. Of course, the choice also depends on the purpose – that is, what you will use the speakers for. In this case, the choice of customers most often falls on the Wi-Fi option. We can say that the Sonos brand has just gained its reputation by selling Wi-Fi speakers – and that, in some opinions, Wi-Fi speakers are perhaps a better option than Bluetooth. According to Ebest, both options have some advantages. After all, that’s why everyone is looking for wireless speakers today. So let’s see what are some of the benefits you can have when you “go wireless”.

Portability and dimensions

One of the main advantages offered by wireless speakers is their portability. Just 20 years ago, the idea of portability of any speaker was just a dream. However, today, thanks to the development of technology, some high-capacity speakers allow you to have an impressive sound system that you can easily take anywhere you want. Sonos wireless speakers are designed to have very strong sound and small dimensions – so they are very practical to carry. Today, wireless speakers have powerful batteries that last more than 48 hours, a special mode for open spaces – and a strong and penetrating sound that can be heard over long distances. So they will fully meet all your needs for quality and strong sound.


Sharing music and switching from device to device

If you want to share your favorite music with others, it’s possible. For example, you can connect two speakers to the same device – and you and the other person can listen to the same content. This technology, for example, allows you to pair speakers with one device – so you and your family can listen to the same music, each in their room from their speaker. You can also listen to the same music outside and inside. You no longer have to stretch the cables – and you can easily move the speaker to any place where you can hear the sound better. Most importantly, you can easily change the device from which you listen to music. You no longer have to bother changing cables. Just a few clicks – and you have connected your speaker to another device. This is very practical and simple – and does not require the installation of various applications, software, and cable stretching.


So, in the end, we can say that wireless speakers have almost made a small revolution in the audio market. The Sonos brand has certainly found its place there and has become one of the leaders within this industry. Although recognizable by Wi-Fi speakers, this brand also offers you some Bluetooth models – and which one you’ll choose is up to you.

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