Can you Tell if Someone Is Doing a Background Check On You?

Not everyone is true to themselves, and people often lie about who they are. Some do it to cover up some things, and others do it since it looks better in their resume. Can you blame them?! However, if you wish to know if someone is lying to you about something specific; you can always do a background check on them. Keep on reading and understand all there is to know about background checks and the process itself. Visit Lookupinmate to conduct background checks.

What will show on your background check? Top 7 most-common things

This depends a lot on your used tools and your approach, as well as your country & birthplace. Different places worldwide tend to do their process in their way. Also, with the help of some sites & different tools, you will reveal a new side to every person. Here are the most common & important ones:

1. Criminal records


This information is crucial when it comes to your or someone else’s employment. You as an employer need to know if someone has had trouble with the law, while the employee should investigate their business partner and contractor, so vice versa! You should know that a criminal background check will show:

  • Arrest
  • Sex offense
  • Felony
  • Convictions
  • Warrants

2. Employment verification

A lot of us tend to exaggerate some things when it comes to our CV. Who doesn’t want to come off looking trustworthy and solid?! You should know that all of your previous employment histories are included in your background check (ones that were properly regulated & legal). Lying about something and getting caught in the lie during or past your interview will look quite bad and it will feel uncomfortable.

3. SSN

SSN stands for ”social security number” and is the nine-digit social security number that is unique and only known by you. You will need to have the SSN if you wish to work within the US. Your name, previous business, as well as address, is linked with that number, and this is something that a US-based company can access.

4. Driving record

A driving record or driving license that was properly and legally issued will come off in your system. Some organizations & jobs that involve children will take a deep look into your past and your driving records. People could get deep into your past in this case, which is why you should come off as a safe & trustworthy driver – it looks great on both ends.

5. Some personal information


The most common & basic stuff is easily accessible. Your background always shows your address of living, any former addresses, as well as your marital status. They will also easily access your maiden name. Do not lie about your marital status, your household, or your kids – this is easily accessible.

6. Your education and your previous classes

Never lie about your education (although this is the most common thing that people lie about). You should know that your resume needs to have proper educational data. Be honest about your college and high school education, as well as any other courses that you may have ended up taking.

7. Different social media

People can easily access your Facebook, Instagram & Twitter profiles. If you’ve linked all of them through your email address they will be easily accessible. Anything that is directly linked to your email & your name will be known by others around you.

Top 3 things that you need to know about background checks


1. However, you should know that your written permission is required

You must give your written permission if you want others to dig into your background. You give the permission out by applying for a job, through your credit card application, or through a tenant questionnaire. After you sign your document you are allowing for a background check to happen.

2. All of this can make an impact on your credit score

Frequent investigations into your credit history as well as your previous financial background can make an impact on your credit score. You will be able to tell that creditors are looking into your account through your sudden dip in your credit score.

3. What is not allowed on your background check?

If you wish to protect your account and your rights, you should know what is allowed and what isn’t. An individual that has no connection whatsoever to your payments, credit cards, or employment is only allowed to look at:

  • Friends & family
  • Neighbor connections
  • Most people can easily access different phone numbers
  • Your education

So, how to know if someone is doing a background check on you?


The easiest way for you to know if someone is doing a background check on you is if you ask them, or if they come clean themselves. Nowadays, every person has a stable internet connection, or even a VPN address, which makes the process even harder for you to understand & investigate. Loads of people can easily dig through your history, but not everyone can have access to all information. Also, you might know that someone is doing a background check based on:

  • Google alerts – you can set this up and know if people are Googling your name (but you won’t know when).
  • Credit monitoring – you can set it up and see when some different agencies are tracking you or your credit.

How to do a background check on someone?

Are you eager to do this step on your own and to dig into some previous stuff? Well, you can do a background check online and with the right tool. Check out since they have the best crime check system! Simply fill out their online form, provide the needed information, and you will receive your results within the next 24 hours. They are accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission while being the safest, quickest, as well as a mobile-friendly solution that you will easily use & navigate on your own.

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