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Solo Travelers – How to Find A Travel Companion

Some people may find it hard to travel without a companion. Though solo travelers enjoy freedom, other travelers may find it daunting and scary. Perhaps you plan to go on a trip, but your friends or family members may be too busy to travel with you. Thankfully, finding a travel companion is now as easy as 1-2-3. You can easily find a potential travel companion by looking in the right places! This can be online, offline, or you can click here to learn more about hiring one.

The Perks of Having a Travel Buddy

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Traveling with a companion can enhance your experience. Whether traveling with a person you are very close to or with someone you barely know, a companion can make the trip safer, more enjoyable, and less stressful.

However, having a travel companion can make or break your trip depending on the person with whom you choose to travel. To help you find and pick the right travel companion, we’ve created an ultimate guide to make your quest hassle-free.

Things to Look for in a Travel Fellow

Similar Budget Expectations

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Discussing your budget when planning on a trip is essential unless you didn’t pay for the expenses. Try to consider where you will be staying or where you are going to eat. Discuss how much you would want to spend each day and evaluate if both of you agree on the budget.

Shared Interests and Ways Of Exploring

Try to talk about how you would like to experience the trip or how you would want to spend your time traveling. See that you and your travel buddy have plenty of common interests but be ready to compromise a little.

Whether you’re looking to taste the most delicious local dishes or discover a place’s culture, it is great to exchange interests to get the most out of your trip.


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Make an effort to learn more about your travel companion, especially if you don’t know them very well. You may try to assess their flexibility as regards the activities in which you plan to engage.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they like everything planned in advance, or are they spontaneous?
  • Do they like just hanging around or to have a schedule that fills each day?
  • How do they respond to stress and the unexpected?

Being completely alike is not necessary. Having opposite personalities in travel companions are, at times, beneficial.

Is this person trustworthy?

Since you are traveling with a companion, you also must assess whether you can trust this person. Ensure that your companion will have your back no matter what happens while taking a trip together. Your travel companion should never leave you hanging in a challenging situation. You must also ensure that your travel companion is responsible enough to take care of your belongings if you are away.

How to Find a Travel Mate Online

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Thanks to digital technology, finding a potential travel companion is now as simple as A-B-C, using phones and personal computers.

Social Media Networking

Social media is more comfortable to access, and you can use it to find or create a network of possible fellow travelers. Such media may include:

  • Facebook – The social media site has many backpacker groups and pages that allow you to meet people who have the same interests. Try to look up the place you would like to visit, then use the keyword ‘backpackers’ and wait for the search results. This kind of networking will help you in making connections around the globe.
  • Instagram – There is a chance that someone you know might recognize you on the road and connect with you. Try posting a photo or show an Instagram story of where you are and see if you make new friends.
  • Twitter –Twitter can also be a platform where you can look for potential travel companions. Tweet that you are looking for a travel mate, and it might be a surprise that people start trying to connect with you to be your travel companion.

Travel Applications

There are many applications available online for those who are seeking travel companions. These applications will help you make friends and widen your connections with like-minded travelers. Using any of these applications requires you to post a one- or two-sentence intro about yourself and a summarized plan of your journey. You may check out travel applications such as ‘Travello’ or ‘Tourlina’ to see your match.

How to Find a Travel Companion Offline

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Are you skeptical or having trouble steering through social media sites and applications? Try looking for a travel companion offline. Many of these apply to you when you’ve already started a solo journey but might be seeking a companion to join you along the way.

Places to Find a Travel Companion Offline

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  • Hostels – Staying in backpacker hostels may be the easiest way to surround yourself with tons of travelers. You can meet people in the dorm room, in the common area, in the kitchen, or the bar.
  • Public Transportation – As you go along your journey, you will frequently encounter other travelers, and many of them may be heading to the same destinations. You can even find a companion on a bus while you travel—or at the airport before leaving. Just like in the movies, some people meet their potential travel companions along the way. Your travel bud/s can be a fellow solo traveler, a family, or a group of friends who invite you to tag along with them.
  • Local Day Tours – Walking tours and food tours are some of the local activities you can do. In these tours and in-between activities, you can meet other travelers who are taking the same trip and are ready to let you join their group.
  • Escort Agencies — If you have a budget and you think you can pay for a companion, hiring an escort is ideal. Escorts are trained individuals who can accompany you to events, parties, and travels. These escorts can help you maintain appearances during business travels. Most escorts work under a licensed agency, so you can be sure that they are trustworthy.

The truth is, you can easily surround yourself with exciting people from all over the world. The perfect travel companion doesn’t exist, but you must be willing to compromise to get the most of your experience. Take a chance on someone you think might be an excellent travel companion and see if they would be a good fit!

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