Solar Energy & Equipment Trends Are Beyond Expectations – In 2024

As a consumer, an individual always looks forward to the same product that once met its expectations and beyond. The same is with renewable energy consumption: as soon as people switch from fossil fuels to renewables like the energy of the sun, they never go back because they see the value, the benefit, the incentive. As the solar industry wants to be the most demanded one in the renewable energy field, it strives to increase its renewable power generation capacity. Statistic-wise, renewable energy will boom – a 43 percent increase in its capacity will make consumers beyond happy. Besides annual growth, the industry undertakes measures to record daily growth, too. Solar energy startups, big projects on a state level, the sun’s energy production alongside deployment doesn’t stop surprising. In 2024, the solar world has prepared enhancements for its loyal and potential customers. So, let’s see what to anticipate regarding the trends of the energy of the sun this year.

Solar Shingle Installation Will Increase


Solar shingles are alternative to photovoltaic (PV) panels to maintain the aesthetics of the roof. Primarily used for rooftops, people acknowledge these as solar roof tiles. As mentioned before, these are alternatives to PV panels, which imply similar system functioning. Like PV modules, solar shingles generate the energy of the sun through a PV system by capturing sunlight and finalizing the process through an inverter. Since 2011 solar shingle prices started to decline. The continuous decline brought it to stand at half of the original price in 2024. Even though such a fee is still high if considered complete roofing, it is worth considering especially the provider is LA Solar Group. Why?

Why Are Solar Shingles Worth Considering?

Solar shingles upgrade the house value by at least $15,000 – a value covering a substantial portion of the purchase price. A home value upgrade is more than enough to thrive towards installing the equipment. Knowing that your house will be valued at a considerably higher price is a huge incentive to install photovoltaic roof tiles. Besides its heavenly financial gifts, solar shingles are environmentally-friendly, modern-looking, and lengthy in maintenance – at least 25 years.


Hopefully, now you can see why solar shingle installation will increase in 2024. A good piece of advice would be to research and see whether roof renovation is a must for your household. Afterward, if there is a need to renovate the roof, you have the opportunity to become a participant in the trend and go solar!

Electric Vehicle Market Is On The Rise

The world strives towards environmental sustainability. Eliminating pollution from the environment is the number one criterion to achieve the goal. What can better handle the elimination of a considerable amount of greenhouse gas emissions than sunlight-powered electric vehicles? Electric cars powered by the sun’s energy are a part of renewable technology that work towards minimizing carbon footprint on Earth. As it turns out, these are essential assets of the industry in terms of being vehicles with a massive contribution to pollution-free surroundings.


The level of importance of EVs for the industry is evident with statistics regarding the further development of the electric vehicle market. It’d be hard to believe, but by 2024 the EV market will be worth $329,500,000. Such a financial benefit will first welcome North America, then Europe. Even though this is a substantial economic development, it’d be interesting to explore the reason behind such a surge is.

Factors Influencing The EV Market Surge

Companies do their best to introduce all the benefits of electric cars to the world. The benefits are getting mentioned multiple times throughout the day through social media platforms, news, street banners, and other advertising means. The factor of companies announcing how good EVs are can be termed as direct marketing. Yes, in the case of EV market surge, direct marketing leads the market. Plus, it is not a myth that the world wants to see the environment in a greener and cleaner state.


As a zero-waste and pollution-free environment are the goals of most of the world’s population, environmental concerns drive the EV market growth. People ponder about how to make the environment greener and cleaner in the long-term. And, guess what? The first thought that comes to mind is replacing fossil-fuel-powered vehicles with EVs – another great contributor to electric vehicles’ market surge. Seems like it is no surprise that the electric vehicle market is on the rise in 2024.

Solar Storage Equipment Demand Paramounts Limits

Power outages alongside blackouts constitute a constant issue for the daily routines of people. Inconvenience, unfinished work and study, unfinished conversations, failed exams, non-successful business meetings can result from instantaneous electricity outages and blackouts. PV panel companies, being the leading power of the industry, started thinking about the importance of providing their customers with a piece of equipment that ensures their safe daily routine progression. As a result, now everyone can access a solar panel battery – a piece of equipment storing excess energy generated by PV modules.


What is the peculiarity of the battery? It doesn’t simply conserve extra energy. It strategically stores the power and lets it out solely during low-electricity times to fill the energy gap and fulfill the needs of consumers. Companies that are engaged in photovoltaic panel installation see considerable environmental and financial advantages in providing storage equipment to the consumer. Indeed, if avoiding what companies get from the provision of this particular piece of equipment, consumers still are happy with the product & service they get. What can be better than having the opportunity to consume infinite amounts of power alongside saving money?

Final Note


Solar energy & equipment trends surpass all expectations. Solar shingle installations rise, EV market surges, and solar storage equipment demand booms. 2024 is definitely the year with infinite opportunities to become a member of the solar revolution. Every piece of equipment works towards maximizing environmental sustainability, financial benefits, and the sun’s energy inexhaustibility as soon as possible. What’s the best is that people already think of the energy of the sun as a resource necessary to live a healthy and happy life.

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