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Top 5 Snowmobile Tour Destinations in Ontario

Canada is one of the best places for enjoying snowmobiling with long trails that can provide you with an exciting journey. Ontario is one of the largest territories of Canada and it is well-known for snowmobiling. Ontario snowmobiling with an arctic climate, piles of snow, and freezing air offers snowmobilers’ thrilling experience. The lands of Ontario offer a lot of spectacular snowmobile destinations with looping trails that you can choose for your adventure.

The looping trails during snowmobiling are not always easy to traverse. You need to be vigilant during your journey. While on your way to your destination, your snowmobile is the essential thing. So don’t forget to secure your snowmobile with insurance. It provides you with financial security in case of an accident or theft of your precious snowmobile.

If you plan a tour, you need some information related to the snowmobile tours in Ontario. Our list of top 5 snowmobile tour destinations in Ontario can help to choose the right destination for a snowmobile tour.

Northern Corridor

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With long looping trails, the Northern Corridor is an outstanding snowmobile destination. It has thousands of amazingly groomed trails that provide a smooth ride to the snowmobilers.

There are numerous eye-catching things you don’t want to miss from Cochrane through the top A trail to the Northern Corridor. You can explore various loops on your way to the Northern Corridor. 300 km Abitibi Canyon Tour, 215 km long Gateway to the North, 90 km Bobcat Loop, 145 km Lumberjack Loop, 15 km Missinaibi Expedition Tour 1645 km long Northern Corridor Adventure is the famous looping trails that a snowmobiler surely wants to explore. Starting from Cochrane, you will find Cochrane town, Kapuskasing, and Hearst.

While you are on your way to your destination, you can enjoy the amazing view of nature. The looping trails also offer all facilities of residence and food, so don’t miss them. This makes it one of the best destinations for snowmobiling in Ontario.

Ottawa Valley

The Ottawa Valley is another superb destination for your snowmobiling in Ontario. The Ottawa Valley is located in Eastern Ontario surrounding the Ottawa River. It is connected to Mattawa and North Bay via the RAP route.
The trails in Ottawa Valley become perfect for snowmobiling in winter. Many riders head towards Ottawa for experiencing short looping trails that can be covered in a short duration.

The Voyageur Route and RAP Tour are the looping trails in Ottawa Valley. In addition to the trails, it also offers outstanding hotels, where you can relax and refresh your body for a new adventure. On your way through Ottawa Valley, you will pass by Pembroke and Deep River town. You can find hotels and restaurants there. The following link can also help you find accommodation and services in Ottawa Valley.

Madawaska Highlands

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Madawaska Highlands are adjacent to Ottawa Valley, so most snowmobilers prefer to explore Madawaska Highlands and Ottawa Valley. Madawaska Highlands surrounds the Madawaska River. It offers amazing scenery with beautiful mountains and various lakes.

Snowmobile riders travel 180 km Madawaska Loop, 230 km Round Bonnechere Loop, and the south-eastern section of the RAP tour to reach Madawaska Highlands. The Hardwood forests and numerous lakes make it one of the top destinations for snowmobile trips in Ontario. On your way to Madawaska Highlands, you can explore Barry’s Bay, Bancroft, and Whitney. You can stay a night in these towns and can get tasty foods for making your snowmobiling tour even more exciting.

While passing through the Madawaska Highlands, take care of your snowmobile, so you could travel without worry.
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You can find various policies here for securing your snowmobile on dangerous trails.

Algoma Country

Algoma Country is the fourth-best destination for having an amazing snowmobile experience in Ontario. It is situated at the border of Lake Superior and Lake Huron. Countless trees, various lakes, and striking wildlife make it the best place for fishing and hunting. In addition to this natural beauty, Algona Country is also an outstanding place for snowmobiling in Ontario. These trails are not too crowded, so you can enjoy your snowmobile ride.
Starting from Searchmont to Algoma Country, snowmobile enthusiasts have various snowy trails to explore in winter. Halfway There, ¾ of the way There, and All The Way There are the snowmobile rides in Algoma Country. Wawa, Dubreuilville, and Hearst are the towns you will find on your way to Algoma Country.

Greater Sudbury

Greater Sudbury is the largest city of Ontario by land, offers a long route for snowmobiling. The original Sudbury Trail Plan is one of the top well-groomed and clear trail systems in Ontario. Snowmobile riders can enjoy a 150 km ride around the city.

It is a central destination with many trails spreading out in all directions. 223 km Chiniguchi Wolf Loop, 253 km Cartier Moose Loop, Deer Loop, and 175 km Rainbow Elk Loop are amazing looping trails that lead to Great Sudbury.

Final Verdict

Ontario snowmobiling offers excellent destinations with clear looping trails that can excite the snowmobilers. With the snowy winter, the snowmobile enthusiasts head towards trails to have an adventurous journey each year.
For 2024, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs discusses the current situation of pandemic COVID-19 and announces to open snowmobile trails in Ontario. But there are some regulations and health measures that snowmobile riders have to follow. The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs also asked the riders to sled locally for this year and follow the preventive measures of COVID-19.

Once things get back to normal, you can get to your favorite snowmobile destinations. Whenever you plan to go snowmobiling in Ontario, try to choose one of the above top 5 snowmobile tour destinations. You will surely enjoy snowmobiling there.

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