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5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Still Relevant in 2024

Where do you stand when it comes to SMS, do you send them or receive still to this day? Although a lot of people have switched and went with social media as their main way of communication, a lot of companies still swear & believe in the power of SMS marketing. Are you one of those people as well? If not, keep on reading and you might be convinced! Here is what you can expect from SMS marketing + why it is going to be relevant in 2024.

5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is still relevant in 2024

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1. Why & how did SMS marketing boom in the first place?

Did you know that this concept began back in 1995?! However, it did only take off in 2000, which means that it did take up to five years for people to understand and fall in love with the concept. We were allowed to send messages across the world that were up to 160 characters long. It was quite practical & handy for business meetings & when setting up different gatherings with stars across the globe. Some people, still to this day, love this approach and swear to it just because it was a pioneer in the modern-day era.

2. What is the past, and what is the future of SMS marketing?

Different companies have approached the SMS concept in their own way, and have made different texting platforms that were way more convenient for chats. Nowadays almost everyone is either on Skype, Facebook, Viber, or Whatsapp – wouldn’t you agree? However, on a global basis (and from a business-appropriate standpoint), SMS is the best form of talk between businesses & customers. You could look unprofessional when messaging your clients on Viber or from your private & personal Skype account that has a picture of your entire family or your dog.

PS: Millennials have the most definite preference for texting with businesses. A lot of people worldwide also prefer texting instead of talking. For some, talking is a lot more stressful, time-consuming, as well as an anxious move to make.

3. What you’ll see in the future


If you are a pessimist and you don’t see the future for SMS, here are just some top reasons & pros of this marketing for you to understand:

A) It has & gives out a worldwide reach – as long as your phone has an active service and a good provider you will be able to text and receive texts from across the globe.

PS: Did you know that only 60% of the entire population owns a smartphone? How are you going to get to the other 40% that are not online?! SMS marketing will flourish in this department!

B) Good & quick response rate – over 90% of people are going to reply to your SMS, while only 30% of them are going to reply to an email. Almost everyone tends to read their SMS, but how many of us truly read every email?

C) Easier purchase methods – most consumers will make a purchase if they get an amazing deal sent straight to their phone. For some reason, the ROI from SMS marketing is quite impressive and high when compared to other methods.

4. Why SMS marketing is crucial for business: top 3 reasons

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No more spam or spammy messages

A lot of people get angry and annoyed with different spammy messages. Are you one of them as well? SMS marketing has the lowest spam rate when compared to other resources & ways of communication. Messages are often easy to read, understand, and are concise. You will easily understand the message and make your purchase since it is so blunt & honest.

It grabs the readers attention

Nowadays, everyone is on the internet and people spend hours on YouTube and Instagram. This is why loads of people will feel a slight shock & happiness when they receive that SMS. If your message is beneficial for the user or if it truly stands out; you will easily lure them and grasp their attention while making them make that purchase.

Has the best call-to-action feature

SMS marketing is well-known for its practical call-to-action feature. You can easily go through with the call-to-action feature, and you can have access to the other business/opportunity in a matter of seconds! No reason to type a long email since everything fits (and has to fit) in 160 characters.

5. How to get the best of both worlds?

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Last, but not least, it is vital for you to understand that SMS in itself is not the best go-to marketing tool. Although it is practical & relevant for the year 2024, SMS marketing needs to be used & approached with some different tools and in unique tandem. Some users & people worldwide have expressed their wish and need to send verification requests as well as PIN codes through phones (just for one more layer of security). Thanks to the SMS approach you are at a lower risk of cybercrime, and who wouldn’t want that?!

PS: Did you know that most messages are open within the first 3 minutes after they are received?! This makes SMS the quickest & fastest mean of communication.

Do you need some help when it comes to your SMS marketing technique?

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